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Earn Coins with Introducing the Points System

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Earn Coins with Introducing the Points System
Learn how to earn coins on, a free welfare website. Explore the points system and discover how users can accumulate coins by registering, inviting others, reading and sharing articles, inviting more users, and playing games. Start earning now!

Are you ready to earn some exciting rewards? Welcome to, where you can accumulate coins for free and enjoy a range of benefits. In this article, we will guide you through the points system, detailing various ways to earn coins and maximize your rewards.

  1. New User Registration: Receive 1000 coins
    When you register as a new user on, you immediately earn 1000 coins as a welcome bonus.

  2. Inviting Others to Register: Earn 500 coins
    For every user you invite to register on, you will earn 500 coins. Remember, more invitations mean more rewards!

  3. Inviting Users who Further Invite Others: Receive 100 coins
    When the users you invited start inviting others, you will be rewarded with an additional 100 coins for each new registration. Encourage your friends to share the excitement with their network!

  4. Reading Articles: Earn 10-30 coins
    By simply reading an article on, you can earn anywhere between 10 to 30 coins. Keep exploring the vast collection of articles and stack up your coin balance.

  5. Sharing Articles: Gain 30 coins
    Share articles from with your network to earn 30 coins for each share. Spread the knowledge and reap the benefits!

  6. Article Clicks from Shared Links: Receive 20 coins per user
    For every user who clicks on an article shared by you, you will earn an additional 20 coins. The more people engage with your shared articles, the more rewards you receive!

  7. Playing Games: Boost your coin balance
    Every day, you can play a variety of games on Each game rewards you with coins, and you can play each game once per day. Additionally, inviting a new user to register gives you an extra chance to play. Here are some popular games and their potential coin rewards:

    a. 2048 Game: Earn around 3000 coins
    Challenge yourself with the addictive 2048 game and earn approximately 3000 coins. Can you reach the coveted 2048 tile?

    b. Big Wheel Game: Score up to 999 coins
    Spin the Big Wheel and get a chance to win up to 999 coins. Keep spinning and increase your rewards!

    c. Slot Game: Win up to 10,000 coins
    Try your luck with the Slot Game, where the highest possible reward is a whopping 10,000 coins. Spin the reels and see what fortune awaits you!

Remember, the more you engage with by reading articles, sharing content, inviting new users, and playing games, the more coins you will accumulate. Exciting rewards await you as you explore the extensive offerings on our platform.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy great benefits by simply participating on Start earning coins today and unlock a world of possibilities!

The integration rules are subject to change, specifically based on the real-time integration rules.

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