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Mon, Jul 31, 2023 7:45 PM

Nigerian Data Scientist Wins SAS Hackathon 2023 Award for AI Solution to Turkey Earthquake

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Nigerian Data Scientist Wins SAS Hackathon 2023 Award for AI Solution to Turkey Earthquake
Bauchi-Turkey-based Nigerian data scientist, Leonardo Iheme, has won the SAS Hackathon 2023 award for his Artificial Intelligence solution to the devastating Turkey earthquake in February. His solution utilized natural language processing to gather tweets, convert them into geolocations, and analyze satellite images for confirmation of damage. This innovative technology helped aid workers prioritize distressed areas and provide assistance more efficiently.

Bauchi-Turkey-based Nigerian data scientist, Leonardo Iheme, has emerged as the winner of the prestigious SAS Hackathon 2023 award for his groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to the devastating Turkey earthquake that occurred in February. The earthquake claimed the lives of approximately 50,000 people and left thousands more injured.

Leonardo, known as Leo, developed an innovative AI solution that addressed one of the challenges faced by aid givers during the aftermath of the earthquake - the inability to pinpoint areas that needed urgent help. As tweets and hashtags from different parts of the country were going viral, aid workers had difficulty aggregating and analyzing the data to effectively prioritize their efforts.

Utilizing natural language processing, Leonardo and his team were able to gather and convert the tweets into geolocations through longitude and latitude. This data was then used to obtain satellite images, which were compared to "before and after" images to confirm the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake. By analyzing the changes in the landscape, such as the number of buildings, aid workers were able to identify the most distressed scenes and prioritize their assistance.

Speaking about the effectiveness of natural language processing in processing the tweets, Leonardo stated, "With these locations that were converted, we were able to get satellite images, and we could compare 'before and after' the images for confirmation of the quake. We were able to gather such data, and this really helped the aid workers to prioritize the most distressed scenes. That was compelling enough for the judges of the panel."

This is not the first time Leonardo and his team have been recognized for their innovative AI solutions. They had previously won a Turkish national award for developing an AI technology to detect tumours in breast cancer. The team participated in a competition organized by the government, where they accurately detected tumours in ultrasound images, assisting doctors in localizing them.

Leonardo expressed his pride in leading the team to victory in the health-related AI competition, saying, "I was particularly proud of that because I led the data scientists there. We emerged the winner at that big event where the President of Turkey was in attendance and greeted us."

Leonardo Iheme, originally from Bauchi and born to a father from Imo State and a mother from Kogi, continues to push the boundaries of AI technology and leverage it for the benefit of society. His groundbreaking solutions in the fields of natural language processing and medical imaging are a testament to his passion and expertise in data science.

As he continues his journey as a prominent data scientist, Leonardo Iheme's achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring AI researchers and a reminder of the transformative power of technology in solving real-world problems.

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