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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 12:00 AM

South East Marginalization in Parliament: A Call for Equity and Balance

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South East Marginalization in Parliament: A Call for Equity and Balance
Hon. Chidi Obetta, member representing Nsukka-Igboeze South Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, has expressed his concerns over the marginalization of the South East region in Parliament. He called on the leadership of the House to reconsider the distribution of chairmanship positions in the standing committees to ensure equity and balance. Hon. Obetta outlined his plans to empower his constituency, focusing on infrastructural development, agriculture, and youth and women empowerment. He emphasized the need to address the insecurity and breakdown of infrastructure in the South East region to restore its vibrancy and economic growth.

ABUJA - Member Representing Nsukka-Igboeze South Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives at the 10th National Assembly, Hon. Chidi Obetta has decried the marginalization of the people of the South East in Parliament, calling on the leadership to reconsider the distribution of Chairmanship of the Standing Committees for equity and balance.

Hon. Obetta made the disclosure on Wednesday during an interaction with some journalists from Enugu State in his office at the National Assembly, Abuja.

The Honourable member who was elected on the ticket of the Labour Party (LP) lamented that of the 133 Committees created by the Leadership of the House of Representatives, Enugu State got only one committee chairman while the entire South East was merely given 12 chairmanship positions.

"The Southeast has not been treated fairly in terms of committees. Of the 133 committees in the House, the South East got only 12 chairmanship positions and Enugu State got only one. This is very unfair.

"And I think the leadership of the House should look into it and do just to the southeast. We cannot say that we are one Nigeria, we're preaching for one Nigeria, one nation, and the Southeast is not being carried along in the activities of the house. So, I call on them to use their good office to do the right thing and make sure that the Southeast is fully and adequately represented".

He said that his first major task is to empower his constituency especially youth and women in Enugu state and establish cooperative societies so that the people can benefit from some of the incentives that the government will provide for its citizens.

"For me as the Rep representing Nsukka and Igboeze South federal constituency, I will focus on three cardinal areas. One of such is infrastructural development. As you're aware, we are legislators, we are not the executive.

"But we can attract development infrastructure to our place and to Enugu state at large via our constituency projects, what they call zonal intervention projects, and also talking to the MDS, Ministry, Development and Agencies that carry out the functions of development to ensure that whatever they're doing for Nigerians, cuts across every constituency and every state.

"The second area we are going to be looking at is the area of agriculture. Our people are primarily agrarian in nature. I am already designing a structure where we're going to put them in cooperative societies because for you to assess some of the federal government agricultural schemes and programmes and also grants, you will need to be in a group or in the corporate society, which is most times a condition precedent to assessing of these grants and schemes. So we have already put the template on the ground.

From next month we'll begin to form these corporate societies and we're also taking it down to the grassroots, to the ward level.

So that at the grassroots, we shall have cooperative societies that position themselves for anything that's going to come, any scheme or grants or program that will be championed by this new administration.

"On the areas of youth and women empowerment, we're also going to look at building different skill acquisition centers, civic centers, and also empowering our women, in the SMEs in the small and medium scale enterprises.

You know our people also trade. By the time they come out from their farms, they go to different markets trying to sell their wares and their farm produce. So we're also going to see how we're going to encourage them and empower them".

The lawmaker said that the South East was once the most peaceful region in the state with a vibrant economy but lost its glory due to insecurity and breakdown of infrastructure in the region. He said that no economy can grow if there is no road to transport goods and services.

He said that the House has already constituted a committee that will look into the security situation in the South East, and vowed to rally his colleagues to ensure that peace returns to the region.

The marginalization of the South East region in the Parliament has been a longstanding concern for many. Hon. Chidi Obetta's call for equity and balance in the distribution of chairmanship positions in the Standing Committees is a crucial step towards addressing this issue.

In a nation that prides itself on unity and the idea of being one Nigeria, it is disheartening to witness the underrepresentation of a significant region like the South East. The allocation of only 12 chairmanship positions, out of a total of 133 committees, showcases a lack of fair representation and dilutes the voices of the South East people.

Hon. Obetta rightly argues that the Southeast should be adequately represented in the activities of the House of Representatives. A democratic government thrives on diverse perspectives, and the exclusion of an entire region from key decision-making roles hinders the progress and development of that region.

The member representing Nsukka-Igboeze South Federal Constituency has outlined his plans to empower his constituency in Enugu state. Infrastructural development is a priority, as it plays a vital role in fostering economic growth and societal advancement.

By attracting development infrastructure through constituency projects and engaging with ministries and agencies responsible for development, Hon. Obetta aims to bridge the infrastructure gap in Enugu state. This will enhance connectivity, transportation, and accessibility, which are fundamental for economic activities and public welfare.

The focus on agriculture is another significant aspect of Hon. Obetta's agenda. Recognizing the predominantly agrarian nature of the South East, he intends to establish cooperative societies for farmers to access federal government agricultural schemes, grants, and programs.

By promoting cooperative farming and fostering a supportive ecosystem, small-scale farmers will have better access to funding, resources, and markets. This, in turn, will lead to increased productivity, income generation, and food security in the region.

Hon. Obetta's emphasis on youth and women empowerment demonstrates his commitment to inclusivity and ensuring opportunities for all members of his constituency. Skill acquisition centers and support for small and medium-scale enterprises are essential for fostering entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic self-sufficiency amongst the youth and women in Enugu state.

Furthermore, the efforts to form cooperative societies at the grassroots level will enable better coordination and collaboration among different entities. This collective approach will position the South East region to benefit from future government initiatives and programs that promote development and growth.

The South East region, once known for its peaceful environment and vibrant economy, has suffered setbacks due to insecurity and a breakdown of infrastructure. Without a secure and stable environment, economic growth is stunted, and the potential for progress is limited.

It is encouraging to note that the House of Representatives has constituted a committee to address the security situation in the South East. Hon. Obetta's determination to rally his colleagues and restore peace to the region reflects his commitment to serving his constituents and promoting the overall well-being of the South East people.

In conclusion, the marginalization of the South East in Parliament is a matter that demands urgent attention. The leadership of the House of Representatives must reevaluate the distribution of chairmanship positions in the Standing Committees to ensure equity and balance. Every region in Nigeria deserves fair representation and equal opportunities for growth and development.

Hon. Chidi Obetta's dedication to empowering his constituency through infrastructural development, agricultural initiatives, and youth and women empowerment is commendable. By addressing these key areas, he seeks to revive the vibrancy and economic strength of the South East region.

It is crucial to recognize that sustainable growth is not achievable when any region is left behind. The South East region has immense potential and invaluable contributions to make to the nation's progress. By fostering inclusivity and providing equal opportunities, Nigeria can harness the full capabilities of all its regions and truly thrive as one nation.

The call for equity and balance in Parliament is not limited to the South East region alone. It resonates with the broader vision of creating a just and united Nigeria, where every citizen is represented and given a voice in shaping the nation's destiny.

As Nigerians, we must ensure that our democratic institutions uphold the principles of fairness, inclusiveness, and transparency. The South East region's struggle for adequate representation serves as a reminder that we have a collective responsibility to stand against any form of marginalization and champion the cause of unity and progress.

Hon. Obetta's advocacy for the South East region should serve as a catalyst for change, urging the leadership of the House of Representatives to revisit the allocation of chairmanship positions and rectify the existing imbalance. Only through equitable representation can we forge ahead as a nation, drawing strength from our diversity and shared aspirations.

It is time for the South East to take its rightful place in the affairs of the nation. The collective efforts of leaders like Hon. Chidi Obetta and the support of fellow representatives are crucial steps towards empowering the region and fostering lasting progress.

The South East has a rich cultural heritage, a resilient workforce, and a population of enterprising individuals. By harnessing these strengths and channeling resources towards the region's development, we can build a future where every Nigerian, regardless of their geographical location, can thrive and contribute to the nation's growth story.

The House of Representatives holds the key to unlocking the potential of the South East region and uplifting its people. It is imperative that the leadership recognizes this opportunity and acts in the best interest of the entire nation by ensuring a fair and just distribution of resources and responsibilities.

In the spirit of unity and progress, let us rally behind Hon. Chidi Obetta and all individuals advocating for equity and balance in Parliament. Together, we can build a Nigeria that truly represents the aspirations and dreams of every citizen, irrespective of their background or where they call home.

The time for change is now. The South East deserves its rightful place within the Nigerian Parliament and the promise of a brighter future for its people. Let us stand together and demand equity, balance, and unity in our quest for a better Nigeria.

As we move forward, may the collective efforts of leaders, activists, and citizens pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous nation, where no region is left behind and every Nigerian can thrive.

Together, let us create a Nigeria we are proud to call home - a Nigeria that embodies the true spirit of unity, progress, and equal opportunity.

Author: John Doe

Source of content: OOO News 2023-08-31 News

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