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Mon, Sep 11, 2023 11:00 PM

Nigeria Customs Service Seeks Collaboration with Nigerian Army to Tackle Border Crimes

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Nigeria Customs Service Seeks Collaboration with Nigerian Army to Tackle Border Crimes
The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has appealed for the collaboration of the Nigerian Army to combat smuggling and transborder criminals at the country's borders. The Customs boss emphasized the changing dynamics of border crimes, including the presence of terrorists and drug traffickers. The NCS aims to enhance its operational capabilities through joint training operations with the Army and a show of force at border areas.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) is seeking to strengthen its efforts in combating smuggling and transborder criminal activities across the nation's borders. In a recent visit to the Chief of Army Staff, the acting Comptroller General of the NCS, Adewale Adeniyi, highlighted the need for collaboration with the Nigerian Army.

Adeniyi expressed concern over the increasing audacity of smugglers operating in border areas, who have taken the Customs Service's capabilities for granted. He stressed that criminal elements now believe they can overpower Customs officers and continue their illicit activities without fear of reprisal.

According to Adeniyi, the nature of border crimes has evolved over the past decade, with the emergence of terrorist groups and the persistent use of borders for drug trafficking. The influx of narcotics driven by these criminal activities poses significant security threats to the nation.

To address these challenges, Adeniyi requested the collaboration of the Nigerian Army in joint training operations with NCS personnel. By leveraging the Army's rich experience and expertise, the Customs Service aims to enhance its officers' capabilities in confronting security threats in border areas.

Moreover, Adeniyi urged the Army to conduct a show of force at the border regions as a deterrent to smugglers and hostile communities. Such a display of strength would serve as a powerful message that the NCS is supported by its sister agency in combating criminal activities along the borders.

The Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja, responded positively to Adeniyi's appeals, assuring increased focus on border areas to establish a strong military presence. The Army aims to deter criminals intending to smuggle contraband items into the country and to support the NCS in its operations.

Lagbaja stressed the importance of collaboration between the two agencies, particularly in training and operational aspects. By joining forces, the Nigerian Army and the Customs Service can effectively tackle border crimes and ensure national security.

The Nigeria Customs Service plans to initiate joint training operations with the Army to enhance the skills and capabilities of its officers. Through these collaborative efforts, officers will be better equipped to confront security threats and combat the activities of criminals in border communities.

Chief of Army Staff Lagbaja also requested the approval for the repair of the NCS Jetty in Cross River, which has experienced detachment from the water body. This repair is crucial for the effective functioning of the Customs Service in preventing smuggling activities through coastal regions.

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