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Tue, Sep 12, 2023 5:20 PM

WATT Renewable Corporation Partners with Airtel Nigeria to Deploy Hybrid Solar Solutions

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WATT Renewable Corporation Partners with Airtel Nigeria to Deploy Hybrid Solar Solutions
WATT Renewable Corporation has entered into a partnership with Airtel Nigeria to install hybrid solar solutions at 600 sites, powering Airtel's telecommunications network expansion. This move will reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality while providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions to support Nigeria's growing telecom sector.

Nigeria's telecom sector is set to benefit from a significant renewable energy initiative as WATT Renewable Corporation (WATT) joins forces with Airtel Nigeria to install hybrid solar solutions. WATT, an independently owned provider of sustainable energy solutions, plans to deploy over 32MW of solar PV and storage capacity across the country.

The partnership between WATT and Airtel Nigeria will introduce solar power and lithium-ion battery storage at 600 sites. This initiative adheres to an Energy-as-a-Service model, which will not only enhance Airtel's power supply reliability and uptime but also support the company's network coverage expansion along with the introduction of 4G and 5G technologies.

Embodying a commitment to sustainable development, WATT aims to help Airtel achieve its sustainability, reliability, and cost objectives while creating lasting value for communities. By replacing diesel-powered generation with WATT's hybrid solar solutions, local communities will enjoy improved air quality, and Airtel's scope 1 emissions will see a significant reduction.

One notable aspect of the project involves the utilization of innovative enclosure technology for the balancing systems at the installation sites. This optimization will result in improved operational efficiencies, enhancing the overall performance of the solar power and storage facilities.

WATT will oversee the operation and maintenance of the energy generation sites, ensuring a consistent supply of reliable and renewable energy. This long-term partnership with Airtel further solidifies WATT's dedication to providing sustainable solutions in the telecommunications sector.

Oluwole Eweje, the Chief Executive Officer of WATT, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Airtel and the opportunity to provide renewable energy to Nigeria's telecom sector. Eweje emphasized the importance of sustainable growth and how this initiative not only aligns with Airtel's sustainability goals but also strengthens connectivity for millions of users.

As WATT expands its presence in the telecommunications sector, this partnership with Airtel sets a positive precedent for future projects. With a focus on creating sustainable energy solutions, WATT aims to remain actively involved in the telecom industry, supporting growth and connectivity in Nigeria and beyond.

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