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Tue, Sep 12, 2023 3:16 PM

Lagos State Partially Demolishes Distressed High-Rise Buildings to Prevent Collapse

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Lagos State Partially Demolishes Distressed High-Rise Buildings to Prevent Collapse
In a bid to prevent potential building collapses, the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) has embarked on a partial demolition exercise in certain high-rise structures on Lagos Island and Mushin axis. The agency, led by Mr Olaopa Olusoji, Director of Enforcement, identified distressed buildings and urged residents to evacuate immediately. The move aims to protect lives and prevent calamities resulting from dilapidated structures. Some traders and occupants expressed mixed feelings about the demolition, while others acknowledged the importance of early intervention to safeguard lives.

The Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) took swift action on Monday by partially demolishing distressed high-rise structures on Lagos Island and the Mushin axis of the state. Led by Mr Olaopa Olusoji, Director of Enforcement, LASBCA officials assessed and carried out partial demolition exercises on identified structures.

The agency highlighted the need for these demolitions to prevent potential building collapses, ensuring the safety of the residents and traders within these precarious structures. One of the most significant sites was the popular Oke-Arin Street Market, where the team alerted individuals of the urgent need for demolition due to four storeys in extremely distressed conditions.

Traders and residents in the market quickly removed their possessions and goods as LASBCA began the partial demolitions on buildings numbered 18, 19, and 21. A two-storey unnumbered structure on Oke-Arin Street was also subject to partial demolition.

The process of partial demolition involves perforating walls to compel compliance with building regulations and promote safe evacuation. LASBCA removed doors of shops, allowing traders to remove their items and fittings before the demolition.

Some families residing in a four-floor building at number 21 hastily packed their personal belongings while anxiety filled the air. A female tenant even fainted during the process but was resuscitated and returned to the building.

One of the residents, Mr Rabiu Jamiu, expressed mixed emotions about the evacuation. Although painful to leave without an alternative, Jamiu was relieved to escape with his family. "Life goes on because what if a sudden incident happens, and the building collapses while we are inside? God forbid it! Today, we have been asked to move out, and I still have one or two relatives with whom I can keep my belongings," he said.

During the demolition exercise, some tenants claimed that the developers had promised that the buildings would not be demolished until February 2024. This unexpected turn of events left them questioning the reliability of such assurances, especially after paying rent based on the promised timeline.

Uche Amuche, a retired security guard who sells toilet papers in one of the affected shops, expressed the need for the government to monitor buildings from the foundation stage. This proactive approach would prevent occupants from experiencing the heartache of future demolitions.

Mr Abayom Aboaba, Chairman of the Oke-Arin Community Development Association, supported the demolitions as necessary for the safety of the community. He ensured that traders and tenants were adequately informed about the planned demolitions and educated on the potential consequences of occupying distressed buildings.

Further inspections were carried out in Garba Musa Street, Mushin, where a distressed four-storey building was partially demolished. In another location, beams and pillars were already falling off a massive four-storey building, causing concern among neighbours at 41 Sarki St., Idiaraba, in Mushin. LASBCA removed portions of balconies and doors but refrained from further demolition due to fears of a total collapse.

In Layi Oyekanmi Street, Ilasa, Mushin, two separate three-floor buildings also underwent partial demolition to preempt potential disasters.

Several other distressed buildings in different locations around the state were sealed and marked for eviction and demolition.

Mr Olaopa Olusoji, Director of Enforcement at LASBCA, explained that the team carried out the demolitions after serving statutory notices to the affected parties. Olusoji stressed that the partial demolition was necessary to ensure immediate evacuation for the eventual removal of highly distressed structures. This proactive approach aims to prioritize saving lives over prolonged arguments, as living in unsafe conditions poses significant risks.

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