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Tue, Aug 8, 2023 12:05 PM

Benue State Football Association to Organize Annual FA Chairman's Cup

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Benue State Football Association to Organize Annual FA Chairman's Cup
The Benue State Football Association, under the leadership of Barr. Paul Edeh, has announced plans to organize an annual FA Chairman's Cup. The competition will feature teams from the 23 Local Government Areas of the state, with the overall best team receiving a cash prize of N1 million and a trophy. This initiative is part of the association's efforts to promote grassroots football and foster development in the state.

The Benue State Football Association (BSFA) has unveiled plans to organize an annual FA Chairman's Cup, aimed at promoting grassroots football and developing talent within the state. The announcement was made during the maiden General Congress hosted by the current BSFA leadership in Makurdi over the weekend.

The Cup will provide an opportunity for teams representing the 23 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Benue State to showcase their skills and compete for the prestigious title. The overall champions of the competition will not only lift the trophy but also walk away with a cash prize of N1 million, a significant incentive for teams to give their best on the pitch.

Barr. Paul Edeh, the Chairman of the Benue State Football Association, emphasized the importance of identifying and nurturing talent from all corners of the state. He expressed his commitment to restoring the state to its glory days and promoting football as a business. Edeh believes that by treating football as a serious enterprise, everyone involved can benefit, from players and coaches to clubs and local communities.

Prior to the annual FA Chairman's Cup, the BSFA will also organize the Board Members and Local Council Football Chairman's Cup. These competitions will take place at the community and constituency levels, ensuring that football activities and opportunities reach even the most remote parts of the state.

Edeh also revealed plans to reward the best-performing local government football chairman with a brand new car at the end of each year. This initiative aims to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of these individuals towards grassroots football development in Benue State.

The BSFA chairman also expressed the association's readiness to honor politicians and other individuals who have shown exceptional support for grassroots football in the state. By acknowledging and rewarding those who contribute to the growth of football at the grassroots level, the BSFA hopes to encourage more involvement and investment in the sport.

The General Congress was attended by board members, local government football chairmen and secretaries, club representatives, and other affiliate bodies. The presence of Comrade Philip Ter Nongu, the state Director of Sports, added significance to the event and demonstrated the commitment of the government towards the development of football in Benue State.

The introduction of the annual FA Chairman's Cup and the focus on grassroots development highlight the determination of the Benue State Football Association to create a vibrant football ecosystem within the state. With these initiatives in place, talented players can emerge, local communities can benefit, and the state's football reputation can regain its former glory.

Barr. Paul Edeh and his team's dedication to revitalize football in Benue State is a commendable effort, and their initiatives deserve support and recognition from all stakeholders. Through a collective effort, football can truly serve as a powerful tool for social and economic growth in the state.

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