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Artificial Intelligence Transforms Music Production in Nigeria

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Artificial Intelligence Transforms Music Production in Nigeria
The Nigerian music industry is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for music production. Eclipse Nkasi, a producer, recently used AI to create an entire Afrobeats album, showcasing the opportunities this technology brings to the industry. With the help of AI apps, Nkasi and his team composed and produced the album "Infinite Echoes" in just three days and at a fraction of the cost. This article explores how AI is transforming the music production process in Nigeria and discusses the potential benefits and challenges it presents for artists.

Lagos-based producer Eclipse Nkasi was initially worried about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) apps in the Nigerian music industry. He believed they would replace traditional music production processes, leaving producers like him obsolete. However, Nkasi soon realized that AI could be an incredible asset rather than a threat.

Teaming up with three friends, Nkasi embarked on a revolutionary experiment. Using OpenAI's ChatGPT program, they set out to create an entire Afrobeats album titled "Infinite Echoes." The process, which would typically take months and thousands of dollars, was completed in just three days and at a cost of $500.

The group relied on AI to generate lyrics and song titles for the album, which revolves around the story of a struggling artist who perseveres in pursuing their musical passion. The words were then modified to suit the chosen theme. To create the tunes, another AI tool was employed. Nkasi recorded some vocals and fed them into a separate app, which transformed his voice into the voice of the album's virtual singer called Mya Blue.

Unlike a traditional human performer, Mya Blue is a computer animation, allowing her to connect with audiences through online platforms. Nkasi believes AI will not only reshape the industry but also provide new opportunities for artists to reinvent themselves and enhance their creative output.

Moving forward, the incorporation of AI in music production holds significant potential. Lagos-based music critic Omotolani Alake predicts that the technology will elevate production values and enhance technical aspects of the recording process. However, uncertainties and unresolved matters like copyright continue to challenge the widespread adoption of AI in music production.

The Nigerian music industry stands at the forefront of embracing AI tools and applications, but it is also navigating uncharted territory. The possibilities for artists and producers to leverage AI are vast, but it is crucial to strike a balance between exploiting technological advancements and preserving the essence of human creativity.

There are certain things that will become obsolete, but it should also create opportunities for artists to reinvent themselves and do their work better and quicker." - Eclipse Nkasi

While AI-driven music production demonstrates immense efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it is imperative to ensure proper guidelines and regulations are in place. Intellectual property rights and copyright protection in AI-generated music remain areas that need careful consideration and development.

As the Nigerian music industry enters a new era of AI integration, it is essential to foster collaboration between artists, producers, and technology experts. This synergy will help shape responsible and sustainable AI utilization, benefitting the industry as a whole.

The successful creation of "Infinite Echoes" showcases the capabilities of AI in revolutionizing music production, enabling artists to innovate, and delivering music to fans more rapidly. This remarkable feat by Eclipse Nkasi and his team demonstrates how technology can enhance creativity while respecting the foundational elements of the music industry.

As the world progresses, AI's role in music production will continue to evolve. Nigerian artists and producers are paving the way for a future where AI becomes an integral part of the creative process, complementing human expertise and unleashing new possibilities within the realm of music.

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