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Sun, Aug 6, 2023 10:40 PM

NEPC 'Export 774' Programme Boosts Nigeria's Non-Oil Export to $4.8 billion

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NEPC 'Export 774' Programme Boosts Nigeria's Non-Oil Export to $4.8 billion
The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) has revealed that the 'Export 774' programme has significantly increased non-oil export in Nigeria, reaching a record $4.8 billion. Dr. Ezra Yakusak, the executive-director of NEPC, made this announcement during the Export4Survival campaign hiking tour in Abuja. The programme aims to identify exportable products in all the local government areas of the country, while also providing training to exporters on value addition, proper packaging, and global market acceptability.

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) has announced a remarkable achievement in the non-oil export sector. The 'Export 774' programme, initiated by NEPC, has propelled Nigeria's non-oil export to a record-breaking $4.8 billion. Dr. Ezra Yakusak, the executive-director of NEPC, made this revelation during the Export4Survival campaign hiking tour held in Abuja over the weekend.

NEPC's 'Export 774' programme primarily focuses on identifying and promoting exportable products in the 774 local government areas across Nigeria. By providing easy access to these products, the programme aims to boost export activities and attract foreign investment. This comprehensive approach ensures that both urban and rural areas contribute to Nigeria's non-oil export growth.

Dr. Yakusak emphasized the importance of enhancing product value and packaging to ensure acceptability in the global market. Through training initiatives, NEPC equips exporters with the necessary skills to add value to their products. By doing so, they can increase market competitiveness and reduce the rate of export rejections. These efforts align with NEPC's commitment to promoting an enabling environment for export businesses and attracting private sector operators to invest in the export sector.

The success of the 'Export 774' programme is evident through the emergence of new products in Nigeria's non-oil export basket. Commodities like sorghum and orange pill, previously untapped for export, have now entered the global market. Driven by the extensive campaign and support provided by NEPC, these products have gained international recognition and demand.

NEPC's focus on diversifying Nigeria's export market away from oil is a strategic move to boost the country's economy and reduce its over-reliance on crude oil revenues. By harnessing the export potentials of different local government areas, NEPC facilitates economic growth at both regional and national levels.

The 'Export 774' programme presents a unique opportunity for local government areas to showcase their export potential while also attracting foreign investment. The compilation of data on export potentials across all local government areas enables potential investors to make informed decisions and explore the viability of various products.

With the tremendous success achieved through the 'Export 774' programme, NEPC encourages private sector operators to take a keen interest in export business. By capitalizing on the available support and information provided by NEPC, entrepreneurs can tap into the vast potential of non-oil exports, thereby contributing to Nigeria's economic development.

The NEPC's 'Export 774' programme serves as an excellent example of strategic planning and implementation aimed at transforming Nigeria's non-oil export sector. Through targeted efforts in product identification, value addition, and packaging enhancement, NEPC has opened up new avenues for Nigerian exporters to engage with the global market.

Nigeria's export sector is set to witness further growth with the dedication and commitment showcased by NEPC. As more products find their way into the non-oil export basket, Nigeria will continue to establish itself as a competitive player in the global trade arena.

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