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Ebonyi State Union in UK Grants Scholarships to 68 Students

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Ebonyi State Union in UK Grants Scholarships to 68 Students
Ebonyi State Union in the United Kingdom has awarded scholarships to 68 students from Ebonyi State studying in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The students, selected on merit, received a grant of N50,000 each. The annual scholarship scheme aims to support less privileged students and promote education in the state.

The Ebonyi State Union in the United Kingdom has taken a significant step in supporting the education of students from Ebonyi State. The union awarded scholarships to 68 deserving students studying in various tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

Each of the beneficiaries, hailing from the state's 13 local government areas, received a grant of N50,000 thanks to the scholarship scheme initiated by the Ebonyi State Union in the UK.

The President of the Ebonyi State Union in the United Kingdom, Mr. Chukwuemeka Umoke, who was represented by the immediate past President, Dr. Nnanna Elias Igwe, emphasized that the scholarship program is part of the union's ongoing efforts to support education in the state.

According to Igwe, the beneficiaries were selected purely on their merit, without any trace of favoritism. This approach ensures fairness and transparency in the selection process.

In his address at the official disbursement ceremony, Igwe highlighted the significance of the program, noting that it has become an annual event to assist less privileged students from Ebonyi State who are pursuing higher education in Nigeria.

"All of you who received this grant should understand that you were chosen based on the merits of your applications. No form of favoritism was involved in the selection process. None of the beneficiaries knows me personally or had any contact with me during the selection," Igwe stated.

He further added, "We conduct ourselves in a way that others can emulate. Before this program, we disseminated information throughout all the local government areas. Out of the numerous applications, we carefully selected five individuals per local government area, totaling 65 beneficiaries, and an additional three special cases."

Igwe urged the scholarship recipients to utilize the funds responsibly, even though they might consider the amount relatively small. He emphasized the importance of this financial support, as it originates from the private pockets of individuals who are not in government positions.

The primary goal of the scholarship scheme is to support less privileged students who have a connection to Ebonyi State. Similar support has been provided in the past, and it has yielded positive outcomes, empowering the beneficiaries to make a difference in their lives and those of their families.

The disbursement of these scholarships comes as an inspiring development in the field of education, shedding light on the significance of community-based initiatives in supporting aspiring students who might face financial challenges.

As the Ebonyi State Union in the United Kingdom continues to prioritize education and empower the youth, it sets an example for other organizations and individuals to contribute to the development of education and provide a helping hand to students who dream of pursuing higher education.

The initiative taken by the Ebonyi State Union in the United Kingdom not only supports the educational aspirations of deserving students but also strengthens the bond between the union and its home state. It demonstrates the collective determination to invest in human capital, ensuring a brighter future for the state and its people.

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