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Thu, Sep 7, 2023 8:15 AM

Power Outage in Parts of South-East Nigeria Due to Labour Strike

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Power Outage in Parts of South-East Nigeria Due to Labour Strike
The Enugu Electricity Dis­tribution Company (EEDC) has attributed the current power outage in parts of its franchise to the ongoing two-day warning strike led by the organised labour, particularly the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). The strike has resulted in the shutdown of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) stations responsible for supplying power to certain areas of the South-East. EEDC assures customers of closely monitoring the situation and providing updates while requesting patience and understanding.

A recent two-day warning strike initiated by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and other organized labor unions has resulted in a power outage in several parts of the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company's (EEDC) franchise in the South-East region of Nigeria.

The EEDC, through its Head of Corporate Communications, Mr. Emeka Ezeh, confirmed that the ongoing strike action led to the shutdown of key Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) stations responsible for supplying electricity to the injection substations in certain areas of the South-East region.

The affected TCN stations include New Haven, Ohiya, and Egbu transmission stations, which are crucial for the supply of electricity to EEDC's Ogui, Abakpa, Umuahia, Owerri, New Owerri, Orlu, and Mbaise districts in the South-East.

This unfortunate situation has left many customers in these districts without power, causing inconvenience and disrupting daily activities that rely heavily on electricity.

EEDC, while understanding the frustration experienced by its valued customers, has assured them that it is closely monitoring the situation. The company also promises to provide timely updates about its operations and customer services during these challenging times.

Despite the inconvenience caused by the power outage, it is important to acknowledge the ongoing labor strike and its significance. The strike action is part of the labor unions' efforts to press for improved welfare and better working conditions for Nigerian workers.

Labour unions believe that the government should prioritize the welfare of workers by implementing policies that address their concerns, including the provision of stable electricity supply. This strike action serves as a reminder of the importance of consistent and reliable power supply in fostering economic growth and improving the quality of life.

While the power outage may cause temporary discomfort, it is crucial to recognize the broader goal of the labor unions' strike. The outage draws attention to the need for effective dialogue and collaboration between the government, electricity companies, and labor unions to ensure a sustainable and efficient power system throughout Nigeria.

In the meantime, EEDC appeals to its customers for patience and understanding as efforts are made to resolve the labor dispute and restore seamless power supply in the affected areas. The company is committed to delivering a satisfactory service and appreciates the understanding of its customers throughout this challenging period.

Stay tuned for further updates from EEDC as they work towards resolving the power outage issue caused by the ongoing labor strike.

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