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Sun, Jul 23, 2023 11:15 PM

Nigeria Continues Its Crackdown on Internet Fraud with Recent Convictions

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Nigeria Continues Its Crackdown on Internet Fraud with Recent Convictions
A 24-year-old internet fraudster has been sentenced to five years imprisonment in Nigeria for impersonating a Brazilian woman. In separate cases, two more internet fraudsters received three-year sentences. These convictions highlight Nigeria's determination to crack down on cybercrime and uphold its digital landscape's integrity.

In recent years, Nigeria has seen a surge in cybercrime, prompting authorities to take swift action to protect the integrity of its digital landscape. In a significant development, a 24-year-old internet fraudster, Louis Osadolor, has been sentenced to five years in prison for impersonating a Brazilian woman and attempting to defraud his victims. The Benin zonal command of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) prosecuted Mr. Osadolor for his fraudulent activities.

The case involved Mr. Osadolor assuming the identity of a Brazilian woman named Jucastrotrradefit, a Bitcoin trader, in an attempt to deceive his victims. He sent documents via the internet to Eliane Cruz, posing as the Brazilian woman, and attempted to defraud her. This offense is a violation of Section 22(2) (b) (ii) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition Prevention) Act 2015, punishable under Section 22(2) (b) (IV) of the same Act.

The EFCC's crackdown on internet fraud continued with the conviction of two more individuals. Wisdom Osazuwa, an 18-year-old, and Oyegun Godwin, a student, were prosecuted for possessing fraudulent documents. Following an investigation into their involvement in internet fraud, the EFCC presented evidence against them, and both individuals pleaded guilty to the charges. As a result, they were each sentenced to three years in prison and fined N200,000.

These recent convictions serve as a stern warning to would-be fraudsters contemplating engaging in similar illegal activities. Nigeria is committed to tackling cybercrime head-on and preserving the integrity of its digital sphere.

In a separate case, the trial of social media celebrity Ismaila Mustapha, commonly known as 'Mompha,' continued. Mustapha is accused of laundering N6 billion and stands charged with eight counts of money laundering. However, he has been absent from the court proceedings, leading to a bench warrant for his arrest and the revocation of his bail.

During the trial, a compliance officer from Access Bank Plc., Elijah Adegboye, testified and provided evidence related to the investigation into Mustapha's alleged money laundering. The EFCC had sent a request to Access Bank, which the bank complied with by providing the necessary documents. Justice Mojisola Dada accepted the documents into evidence.

These recent convictions and ongoing trial highlight Nigeria's determination to combat internet fraud and money laundering, ensuring a safe and secure digital landscape for its citizens. With a focused approach, Nigeria is sending a strong message to potential fraudsters that crime does not pay, and those engaged in such activities will face severe consequences.

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