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Anambra State Governor Promises to Build a State Capital of People's Dreams

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Anambra State Governor Promises to Build a State Capital of People's Dreams
Anambra State Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, has revealed plans to demolish properties in the state capital, Awka, in a bid to build a state capital that will make its residents proud. Soludo also highlighted the intention to construct a flyover across the highway in Awka and reiterated his commitment to building sustainable human capital development. He urged the youth to work hard and take advantage of training programs to secure a promising future.

Awka, the capital city of Anambra State, is set to undergo a major transformation as Governor Charles Soludo unveils plans to demolish properties that do not align with the vision of a befitting state capital. Addressing the public during the monthly Solution Walk For Healthy Living, the governor expressed his determination to build a state capital that the residents can be proud of.

"We will demolish Awka and build a befitting capital for us. We will also build a flyover across the highway in Awka," Governor Soludo declared to a captivated audience.

This ambitious plan aims to elevate Awka to the status of a real state capital, not just in name but in physical features as well. By next year, when Anambra State will celebrate its 33rd anniversary, Governor Soludo will become the first governor of the state to reside in Awka's government house.

Governor Soludo emphasized that every resource generated by the state government would be utilized judiciously for sustainable development. He displayed fervent dedication towards creating opportunities for human capital development and improving the lives of the people of Anambra State.

To this end, the governor called upon the youth of the state to work diligently to secure a decent living. He highlighted the ongoing "one youth two skills program" implemented by the state government and urged the participants to take the training seriously, recognizing its potential to be a life-changing opportunity.

"The government is determined to positively impact the lives of the youth and the people of the state," Governor Soludo reiterated.

With this forward-looking vision and commitment to progress, Awka is set to become a vibrant hub of development and opportunity. The governor's plans for demolishing properties and constructing new infrastructure pave the way for a refreshing transformation of the state capital.

The demolition of properties deemed incompatible with the grand vision aims to create space for modern structures and amenities. The construction of a flyover across the highway will enhance transportation efficiency and improve connectivity within the city.

As the government focuses its resources on sustainable development, there is optimism for a better future for the people of Anambra State. Governor Soludo's dedication to youth empowerment and human capital development provides a strong foundation for long-term growth and prosperity.

The governor's call to action for the youth echoes the sentiment of the state government's commitment to providing opportunities and support. Acknowledging that hard work and dedication can lead to a promising future, Governor Soludo encourages the youth to seize the training programs available to them and unlock their potential.

When the residents of Awka witness the transformation of their state capital, it is anticipated that a sense of pride and fulfillment will permeate the atmosphere. Governor Soludo's ambitious plans and unwavering commitment to progress pave the way for a brighter tomorrow for Anambra State.

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