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News Summary of February 23, 2024 in Nigeria

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News Summary of February 23, 2024 in Nigeria
Latest news summary in Nigeria

Hunger: Delta Peaceful Protest Canceled As Soldiers 'Brutalise' Journalist, Arrest Activist - Urhobo Today

A peaceful protest organized by a group in Delta state against hunger and hardship was canceled after soldiers allegedly brutalized a journalist and arrested an activist. The group had planned to march to the state government house to demand better policies to address hunger and poverty in the state.

Nigeria: NGO Pushes for More Local Engagement in Climate Change Advocacy

An NGO in Nigeria is advocating for more local engagement in climate change advocacy. The organization believes that local communities should be involved in decision-making processes to address climate change impacts and develop sustainable solutions.

NGX says positioned to widen retail investors participation in the capital market - Businessday NG

The Nigerian stock exchange, NGX, is positioning itself to increase retail investors' participation in the capital market. The exchange aims to make the market more accessible and attractive to retail investors by implementing innovative initiatives and improving market infrastructure.

Nigeria: Senate Rejects 65-Yr Retirement Age Bill for N/Assembly Workers

The Nigerian Senate has rejected a bill proposing a retirement age of 65 for National Assembly workers. The bill aimed to align the retirement age of the workers with that of federal civil servants, but it was rejected due to concerns about the financial implications.

Nigeria: Wheelchair Basketball National C'ship to Commence in March

The Wheelchair Basketball Federation of Nigeria has announced that the national championship will commence in March. The championship aims to promote the sport and provide opportunities for wheelchair basketball players to showcase their skills.

Commissioner Takes Delivery of Water Treatment Chemicals for Old Lokoja, Okene Waterworks - :: Kogi Reports ::

The Commissioner for Water Resources in Kogi state has taken delivery of water treatment chemicals for the Old Lokoja and Okene Waterworks. The chemicals will be used to improve the water treatment process and ensure clean and safe drinking water for residents.

We will hold our licensees to their obligations-NCC - National Daily Newspaper We will hold our licensees to their obligations-NCC

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has stated that it will hold its licensees accountable for meeting their obligations. The NCC aims to ensure that telecommunication service providers adhere to regulations and provide quality services to customers.

Nigeria: Nigéria - Feu vert de la FIFA pour le prodige Arthur Okonkwo

The Nigerian football prodigy, Arthur Okonkwo, has been given the green light by FIFA to represent Nigeria. The young player, who currently plays for Arsenal, is eligible to play for the Nigerian national team at the international level.

Delta Activist In Police Net Over Alleged Planned Protest Against Hardship, Hunger - Urhobo Today

A Delta state activist has been arrested by the police over an alleged planned protest against hardship and hunger. The activist had called for a protest to demand government action to address the economic challenges facing the state.

Abuja raid: 165 suspects face mobile court - CP - Daily Trust

Following a raid in Abuja, 165 suspects have been presented before a mobile court. The suspects are facing charges related to various offenses, including drug trafficking, theft, and possession of illegal firearms.

Islamist Nigerian militants press attacks against Christians to foment religious war

Islamist militants in Nigeria are intensifying their attacks against Christians as part of their strategy to incite a religious war. The militants target Christian communities, churches, and clergy, leading to heightened tensions and concerns about religious conflict.

Mata Uang Anjlok 70%, Krisis Ekonomi Menimpa Nigeria

The Nigerian currency has experienced a 70% depreciation, signaling an economic crisis in the country. The depreciation of the currency has led to increased inflation, reduced purchasing power, and economic instability.

We Will Sustain, Support Kogi 2019 Disabilities Law With Infrastructure Development - Works Commissioner - :: Kogi Reports ::

The Commissioner for Works in Kogi state has pledged to sustain and support the 2019 Disabilities Law through infrastructure development. The law aims to promote the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities and improve accessibility in the state.

Nigeria: Don't Compound Tough Situation of Nigerians, Tinubu Warns Civil Servants

Nigerian politician and national leader of the ruling party, Bola Tinubu, has warned civil servants not to worsen the tough situation faced by Nigerians. Tinubu called on civil servants to work diligently and contribute to the country's development.

Nigeria: PDP Members Storm EFCC Office Over Detention of Ex-Kwara Gov

Members of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) stormed the office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to protest the detention of a former Kwara state governor. The PDP members demanded the immediate release of the former governor and called for justice.

Vantage Foundation arbeitet mit der IREDE Foundation zusammen, um amputierte Kinder in Nigeria zu unterstützen

The Vantage Foundation is collaborating with the IREDE Foundation to support amputated children in Nigeria. The collaboration aims to provide prosthetic limbs, medical treatment, and rehabilitation services to improve the lives of amputated children in the country.

Nigeria: Victor Osimhen - Naples annonce une nouvelle inquiétante

Naples has announced a concerning update on Victor Osimhen, a Nigerian football player who plays for the team. Osimhen sustained an injury during a match, and his recovery period is currently uncertain.

NESG, ACF Spearhead Collaboration For Energy Transition

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) and the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) are spearheading a collaboration for energy transition in Nigeria. The collaboration aims to promote renewable energy sources and reduce reliance on fossil fuels for sustainable economic development.

Oyebanji approves N331million for LG Chairmen to buy and distribute food items -

The Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in Ekiti state has approved N331 million for local government chairmen to purchase and distribute food items to vulnerable households. The initiative aims to alleviate food insecurity and support communities affected by the economic challenges.

IBEDC Disconnects UCH Over N500m Debt

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has disconnected the University College Hospital (UCH) over a N500 million debt. The disconnection has affected the hospital's electricity supply, putting a strain on its operations and services.

Nigerian Army, Hunters In Adamawa Join Ties To Fight Crime, Flush Bandits Out Of Forests

The Nigerian Army and local hunters in Adamawa state have joined forces to fight crime and flush out bandits from forests in the state. The collaboration aims to enhance security and ensure the safety of residents.

Nigeria: Katsina Police Neutralise Bandits, Recover 332 Stolen Animals

The police in Katsina state have neutralized bandits and recovered 332 stolen animals. The operation was part of ongoing efforts by the security agencies to address insecurity and protect livestock owners in the state.

نائیجیریا میں لاسا بخار سے مرنے والوں کی تعداد 14 ہو گئی - Siasat Daily - Urdu

The number of deaths from Lassa fever in Nigeria has reached 14. Lassa fever is a viral illness transmitted to humans through contact with infected rodents, and it poses a public health challenge in Nigeria.

10 fastest-growing sectors of the Nigerian economy in 2023

A report has identified the 10 fastest-growing sectors of the Nigerian economy in 2023. These sectors include technology and innovation, agriculture and food processing, renewable energy, and healthcare.

Funeral Service of Rotimi Akeredolu In Pictures

The funeral service of Rotimi Akeredolu, a prominent Nigerian politician, was held, and pictures from the event have been shared. The funeral service was attended by political leaders, dignitaries, and mourners.

Nigeria: Ray of Hope - Governor Bago's Compassionate Response Saved Health Worker's Life

Governor Bago's compassionate response saved the life of a health worker in Nigeria. The health worker had been involved in an accident and was in critical condition when the governor stepped in to provide support and ensure the necessary medical treatment.

Nigeria: Customs Begins Distribution of Seized Rice, Other Food Items to Nigerians

The Nigerian Customs Service has started the distribution of seized rice and other food items to Nigerians. The distribution aims to ensure that the seized items benefit the citizens and contribute to addressing food insecurity in the country.

72 Killed In Lassa Fever Outbreak In Nigeria - Eastern Mirror

An outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria has resulted in the deaths of 72 people. Lassa fever is a viral hemorrhagic fever that is endemic in Nigeria and poses a public health challenge in the country.

Nigeria: Strange Disease Kills Three Health Workers, Patient At Nigerian Military Hospital

Three health workers and a patient have died from a strange disease at a Nigerian military hospital. The cause of the disease is yet to be identified, and investigations are ongoing to determine the source and prevent further spread.

Chief Omirhobo Knocks Comedian For Supporting President Tinubu - Urhobo Today

Chief Omirhobo has criticized a comedian for supporting President Tinubu. Omirhobo expressed his disagreement with the comedian's political stance and voiced his concerns about the leadership qualities of President Tinubu.

FCT Minister Commits to Support Abuja Law School Staff Facilities - PUO REPORTS

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has committed to supporting the facilities of the Abuja Law School staff. The commitment aims to ensure that the law school staff have the necessary facilities and resources to perform their duties effectively.

Army Arrest 900 People In Asaba, Environs Who Have No Proof Of Residence In Delta - Urhobo Today

The Nigerian Army has arrested 900 people in Asaba and its environs who do not have proof of residence in Delta state. The arrests are part of efforts to enhance security and ensure that individuals residing in the state are properly documented.

Nigeria: Tinubu Appoints Kemi Nandap Nis Cg, Ibrahim Gaga Neximbank Director

President Tinubu has appointed Kemi Nandap as the new Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and Ibrahim Gaga as a director of the Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM). The appointments aim to strengthen leadership positions and drive positive change in the respective organizations.

EEDC to shut down service, February 24

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has announced a planned service shutdown on February 24. The shutdown is part of routine maintenance activities to improve the electricity distribution network.

Jobless man in court for allegedly stealing debit cards | Prompt News

A jobless man has been brought before a court for allegedly stealing debit cards. The man is facing charges related to fraudulent activities and unauthorized use of the debit cards.

Nigeria: President Tinubu Appoints New Amcon Management Team

President Tinubu has appointed a new management team for the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON). The new team is expected to drive the recovery and resolution efforts of the corporation in line with its mandate.

Hardship: Customs to use NIN for food distribution

The Nigerian Customs Service has announced plans to use the National Identification Number (NIN) for food distribution. The use of NIN aims to ensure transparency and prevent fraudulent activities in the distribution of food items.

Nigeria: EFCC, Police, Others Arrest 115 Suspected Currency Racketeers in Joint Operation

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the police, and other agencies have arrested 115 suspected currency racketeers in a joint operation. The operation aims to clamp down on illegal currency trading and money laundering activities.

72 killed in Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria | News Room Odisha

The Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria has resulted in the deaths of 72 people, according to reports. Lassa fever is a viral hemorrhagic fever that is transmitted to humans through contact with infected rodents.

FCTA to keep supporting Nigerian Law School - says Wike

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) will continue to support the Nigerian Law School, according to Governor Wike. The support aims to ensure that the law school operates effectively and provides quality legal education and training.

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