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Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan Purchases New Home for Nanny, Earns Praise from Activist

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Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan Purchases New Home for Nanny, Earns Praise from Activist
Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has received praise from Nigerian social activist and fashion mogul Kazeem Tanimu for purchasing a new home for her nanny in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). This uncommon philanthropic gesture has garnered commendations from Nigerians nationwide. Tanimu, a selfless leadership advocate, commended Akpoti-Uduaghan for her act of love and compassion, emphasizing the need for more employers and top officials to emulate such actions.

ABUJA - Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, a prominent figure in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has been applauded by social activist and fashion mogul Kazeem Tanimu for her recent act of philanthropy. Akpoti-Uduaghan, known for her humanitarian commitment, purchased a new home for her long-serving nanny in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The conversation took place during a press meeting on Wednesday in Abuja, where Tanimu expressed his admiration for Akpoti-Uduaghan's kind gesture. Tanimu, a young organizer and supporter of good governance in Nigeria, highlighted the need for more individuals in influential positions to exhibit such empathy and concern for those under their care.

The two-bedroom cottage presented by Akpoti-Uduaghan to her dedicated nanny, Isah Damaris, has been seen as an extraordinary display of love and compassion. This philanthropic act has generated widespread praise and commendation from Nigerians, particularly human rights activists and Civil Society groups across the country.

Tanimu, who is the Initiator of "7th Republic," a non-governmental organization comprising Nigerian youths advocating for selfless leadership, spoke highly of Natasha's uncommon generosity and emphasized the importance of replicating such acts within society.

"Natasha has truly demonstrated that everyone deserves a good standard of living through this unprecedented display of love and compassion. Her selflessness and compassion for the less privileged is well-known, and that is why her constituents desire her leadership," Tanimu asserted.

In line with the core mantra of "7th Republic" for good leadership at all levels in Nigeria, the group has consistently recognized and mobilized support for selfless acts that aim to improve the lives of Nigerians.

"As a coalition of individuals dedicated to the interest of our dear country and continent, we are proud to associate ourselves with any form of leadership that seeks to make life better for others," Tanimu added.

Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan's gesture serves as an inspiration to employers and leaders across Nigeria to extend compassion and kindness towards those who serve under them. It advocates the need for selfless leadership at all levels of society, where individuals prioritize the welfare and well-being of those entrusted to their care.

This act of love and generosity reflects the true essence of a leader and further solidifies Akpoti-Uduaghan's reputation as a caring and empathetic figure within her community and beyond. It is through such actions that positive change can be fostered and a more inclusive society can be built.

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