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Mon, Sep 4, 2023 6:00 PM

Niger State Government Plans to Resuscitate Bursary Allowances for Indigent Students

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Niger State Government Plans to Resuscitate Bursary Allowances for Indigent Students
Niger State Government has announced plans to revive bursary allowances for indigent students in tertiary institutions. The move aims to alleviate the financial burden on parents caused by the fuel subsidy removal. Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago also revealed the intentions of the state government to provide free transportation for pupils, students, and civil servants using a fleet of newly acquired buses. These measures reflect the government's commitment to supporting its citizens during these challenging times.

Niger State Government, under the leadership of Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago, has unveiled plans to resuscitate bursary allowances for indigent students in tertiary institutions. This significant initiative is a response to the financial difficulties faced by parents following the withdrawal of fuel subsidies by the Federal Government.

Governor Bago made this revelation during his maiden interaction with journalists at the Government House in Minna. He emphasized the state government's commitment to easing the burden on parents struggling to meet their children's educational expenses.

The Government of Niger State will allocate a portion of the N5 billion subsidy savings received from the Federal Government towards assisting parents in paying school fees and other payable fees in tertiary institutions. By redirecting this windfall, the state government aims to provide much-needed relief to families grappling with various financial obligations in the wake of the subsidy removal regime.

The resuscitation of bursary allowances demonstrates the government's understanding and empathy towards its citizens during these challenging times. Governor Bago acknowledges the unprecedented difficulties faced by Nigerians as they try to balance multiple needs and obligations.

In addition to the revival of bursary allowances, the state government plans to utilize part of the fuel subsidy removal windfall to inaugurate a fleet of buses. These buses will cater to the transportation needs of pupils, students, and even civil servants.

Out of the 200 luxurious buses acquired, a number will be designated for intra-city travel, some will operate along the Minna to Abuja route, and each of the state's 25 Local Government Areas will have a dedicated bus transporting Nigerlites to their respective areas from the state capital, Minna.

Civil servants in both state and local government areas will also benefit from the bus services, albeit at a discounted rate. This inclusive approach ensures that all citizens have access to affordable transportation options amidst soaring fuel prices and rising transport costs.

The government's commitment to alleviating the burdens of parents and Nigerlites at large is commendable. By resuscitating bursary allowances and providing free or discounted transportation services, the state government aims to ease the financial strain on its citizens and promote educational opportunities for indigent students.

These measures align with Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago's vision of a supportive and compassionate government that prioritizes the welfare of its people. The resuscitation of bursary allowances and the introduction of subsidized transportation are positive steps towards fostering an environment where education and economic stability can thrive.

The Niger State Government's dedication to the well-being and empowerment of its citizens serves as a model for other states and governments to emulate. By investing in education and alleviating financial burdens, the state government sets the stage for a brighter future for Nigerlites.

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