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Thu, Aug 31, 2023 10:35 PM

Yobe State Government Distributes Palliatives in Potiskum LGA

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Yobe State Government Distributes Palliatives in Potiskum LGA
Yobe State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) continued the distribution of Governor Mai Mala Buni's palliatives in Potiskum Local Government Area. The distribution targeted over 6,800 beneficiaries from various vulnerable categories. Each household received 20kg of rice and maize, with a plea not to sell the food items.

The Yobe State government, through the Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), has been actively engaged in the distribution of palliatives in response to the challenges faced by the people due to the subsidy removal. In line with this effort, the agency proceeded with the distribution exercise in Potiskum Local Government Area.

According to Dr. Mohammed Goje, the Executive Secretary of SEMA, more than 6,800 beneficiaries were targeted in Potiskum LGA. These beneficiaries came from a diverse range of vulnerable groups, including people living with disabilities, vulnerable households, primary and secondary school teachers, civil servants, students, and elders, among others, as instructed by Governor Mai Mala Buni.

The distribution of these palliatives is part of a joint effort by the state and federal governments to address the hardships caused by the subsidy removal. Dr. Goje expressed gratitude for the support received from the federal government and confirmed that consignments from the government were already being received, enabling wider outreach to affected communities in Yobe State.

It is important to note that the selection of the beneficiaries was conducted meticulously, taking into account the population and needs of each community in the local government area. The choices were made with the involvement of community leaders and relevant stakeholders, ensuring that the assistance reached those who needed it the most.

Each household that received the palliatives was given 20kg of rice and maize. Dr. Goje fervently appealed to the beneficiaries not to sell the food items but rather to utilize them to alleviate their present suffering. This plea serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and solidarity during times of crisis.

The palliatives distributed by the Yobe State government will undoubtedly offer temporary relief to the recipients, easing their burden in the face of the present hardships. The collective efforts of SEMA and the government demonstrate a commitment to mitigating the negative impacts of the subsidy removal and ensuring that vulnerable households and individuals are not left behind.

As the distribution continues, Yobe State remains hopeful that with sustained collaboration and support from the federal government, more communities, both in Potiskum LGA and other areas of the state, can benefit from the timely intervention.

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