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Nigeria Considers Joining G20, Seeks Global Investment to Revive Economy

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Nigeria Considers Joining G20, Seeks Global Investment to Revive Economy
Nigeria is pondering over the idea of becoming a member of the G20, a bloc of major economies, after evaluating the potential risks and benefits. President Bola Tinubu will be attending the G20 summit in India to further Nigeria's membership objective. The government aims to attract foreign investment and mobilize global capital to boost infrastructure development and create jobs. These efforts align with Tinubu's mission to implement bold reforms and encourage sustainable economic growth in Nigeria.

ABUJA, Sept 3 (Reuters) - Nigeria is considering applying to become a member of the G20 bloc of major economies after concluding consultations on the risks and benefits, the president's spokesperson said on Sunday.

President Bola Tinubu will leave on Monday to attend the G20 summit in India at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, spokesperson Ajuri Ngelale said.

South Africa is the only African member of the group of the world's 20 most industrialised nations.

"While Nigeria's membership of the G-20 is desirable, the government has embarked on wide-ranging consultations with a view to ascertaining the benefits and risks of membership," Ngelale said in a statement.

Tinubu's attendance was in part to further Nigeria's membership objective, he said.

On Friday, Ngelale said Tinubu will attend the G20 summit to try to promote foreign investment in Nigeria and mobilize global capital to develop infrastructure.

Nigeria's new government wants to encourage investments rather than rely on borrowing to create jobs as it tries to revive an economy struggling with record debt, a weak currency, double-digit inflation, and skeletal power supplies.

Tinubu has embarked on the boldest reforms in decades, which have been welcomed by investors. However, they have brought additional hardship to Nigerians already dealing with a cost of living crisis.

Tinubu will attend the summit with some of his cabinet members, including foreign affairs, finance, and trade ministers. (Reporting by Felix Onuah, Writing by Chijioke Ohuocha, Editing by Andrew Cawthorne and Angus MacSwan)

Nigeria's Membership Aspiration

Nigeria, one of the largest economies in Africa, is exploring the possibility of joining the prestigious G20 group. This move signifies the country's ambition to establish itself as a major player in the global economic landscape. Becoming a member of the G20 would provide Nigeria with a platform to voice its concerns, influence international economic decisions, and collaborate with other leading economies on critical issues.

President Bola Tinubu's attendance at the G20 summit in India is pivotal to Nigeria's membership aspirations. It signifies the country's commitment to advancing its economic agenda and attracting foreign direct investment. This objective aligns with Tinubu's resolve to implement comprehensive reforms aimed at revitalizing Nigeria's economy, generating employment opportunities, and improving the overall living standards of its citizens.

Promoting Foreign Investment and Infrastructure Development

One of the key objectives behind Nigeria's desire to join the G20 is to attract foreign investment. The government recognizes that investments are vital to creating sustainable economic growth and reducing reliance on borrowing. By mobilizing global capital, Nigeria aims to develop its infrastructure, boost industrialization, and augment job creation. This strategic approach prioritizes long-term prosperity over short-term gains, offering a promising path to economic recovery.

Furthermore, Tinubu's presence at the summit provides an opportunity to promote Nigeria's vast investment potential. The government seeks to showcase the country's business-friendly policies, lucrative sectors, and untapped resources, thereby enticing foreign investors to explore opportunities in Nigeria. This collaborative approach fosters mutually beneficial partnerships and contributes to the overall growth and development of the Nigerian economy.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the government's reform initiatives have been applauded by investors, they have also presented challenges to the citizens. The cost of living crisis, exacerbated by these reforms, has resulted in hardship for many Nigerians. However, the government remains committed to implementing policies that promote inclusive growth, address social issues, and uplift the standard of living.

Joining the G20 would offer Nigeria a platform to discuss these challenges and seek international cooperation in finding sustainable solutions. The country would have the opportunity to collaborate with other economies facing similar issues, share best practices, and benefit from collective wisdom.


Nigeria's aspiration to join the G20 reflects its determination to position itself as a leading player in the global economy. President Bola Tinubu's attendance at the G20 summit signifies Nigeria's commitment to attracting foreign investment, developing infrastructure, and creating jobs. While the road ahead may present challenges, Nigeria's engagement with the G20 offers an opportunity to address these issues collectively and set a course for long-term, sustainable growth.

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