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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 5:25 PM

Prominent Islamic Cleric Arrested for Threatening Traditionalists in Kwara State

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Prominent Islamic Cleric Arrested for Threatening Traditionalists in Kwara State
The Kwara State Police Command has apprehended a highly sought-after Islamic cleric, Ayodeji Sala, for allegedly issuing threats to a group of traditionalists in Ilorin. The arrest was carried out at the cleric's hideout on Tuesday evening. Sala, who owns Quranic schools in Ilorin and Ogbomoso, was paraded at the Police Command headquarters the following day. He confessed to the act but stated that it was not at the directive of the state Commissioner of Police. The incident has raised concerns about the potential for religious unrest in the area.

In a shocking turn of events, the Kwara State Police Command has successfully apprehended a wanted Islamic cleric, Ayodeji Sala, for his involvement in threatening traditionalists in Ilorin, the state capital. Sala was taken into custody on the evening of Tuesday, August 29, at a hideout in Ilorin.

As reported by The Punch, Sala, who runs two Quranic schools in Ilorin and Ogbomoso, Oyo State, was publicly paraded by the police at the Command headquarters in Ilorin on Wednesday, August 30. His arrest comes after he allegedly entered the shop of some traditional religious devotees and proceeded to threaten and order the landlords in Alaran compound, Ilorin.

Confessing to his actions while being paraded, Sala admitted to visiting Alaran compound with the intention of warning and intimidating Tajudeen and his wife, who he suspected of practicing Isese religion. However, he now acknowledges that his actions were potentially detrimental and could have sparked a religious conflict.

"It is true that I went to Alaran compound to threaten and warn Tajudeen and his wife about Isese religion which I think they were worshipping. I didn't know that what I was doing was dangerous and could lead to a religious war," Sala stated remorsefully.

Sala went on to express his remorse and appealed for forgiveness from the Nigerian public, as well as directly pleading with Tajudeen, the Alaran family, and other Alfas affected by his actions. He maintained that no one had sent him on the mission, and he only realized the gravity of his wrongdoings after the video recording of the incident went viral.

This incident follows closely after a previous case of Muslim clerics issuing threats to a female Isese adherent in Ilorin, which also drew significant attention. In a video shared on Twitter, Sala Ayodeji and other Alfas stormed the shop rented by the female follower to intimidate and harass her. They gave her an ultimatum of eight days to vacate the premises, or they would create chaos.

The recent actions of Sala and his fellow clerics have raised alarms about the potential for religious tension and conflict in the region. The authorities must take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and harmony of all religious communities within Kwara State.

This incident also brings to light the need for interfaith dialogue and understanding, where individuals can embrace their respective faiths without fear of coercion or harassment from other religious groups. Society as a whole must strive to foster mutual respect and coexistence, celebrating the diversity that enriches our cultural fabric.

In conclusion, the arrest of Ayodeji Sala, a wanted Islamic cleric, for threatening traditionalists in Kwara State raises concerns about the fragile balance between religious communities. It emphasizes the importance of peaceful coexistence and the urgent need for interfaith dialogue to promote tolerance and harmony.

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