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Fri, Aug 25, 2023 4:25 PM

Outbreak of Diphtheria Claims 26 Lives in Bauchi State, Nigeria

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Outbreak of Diphtheria Claims 26 Lives in Bauchi State, Nigeria
The outbreak of diphtheria in Bauchi State, Nigeria, has claimed the lives of 26 individuals, while 180 suspected cases have been reported. The Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (BASPHCDA) is actively investigating the outbreak to confirm the cases and implement necessary measures for disease control and prevention.

BAUCHI - A wave of diphtheria has struck Bauchi State, Nigeria, leading to the deaths of 26 people and the recording of 180 suspected cases since the outbreak in 2023. The Executive Chairman of Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Rilwanu Mohammed, disclosed this during a USAID-IHP day Media engagement on the 2023 Bauchi State budget performance.

The outbreak saw four confirmed diphtheria cases resulting in death, while the remaining 22 deaths were attributed to signs, symptoms, and complications of the disease. Investigations are underway to confirm the suspected cases and determine the extent of the outbreak.

The suspected cases were reported from various local government areas, including Bauchi (07), Dambam (32), Darazo (2), Itas-Gadau (5), Jamaáre (104), Katagum (17), Misau (9), Ganjuwa (1), Giade (1), and Nini (1). Of these, Jamaáre LGA accounted for the highest number of diphtheria cases, with 57.8% of the reported cases.

The age range of the suspected and confirmed cases ranged from newborns to 55 years old. The Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency confirmed seven cases, two of which resulted in death – a case fatality rate of 28.6%. Shockingly, the report revealed that 11.5% of the cases reported from Jama'are were partially vaccinated with a diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccine.

With the alarming numbers, the Bauchi State government and relevant authorities are taking swift action to control and prevent further spread of the disease. Dr Rilwanu Mohammed stressed the importance of prompt treatment, mass vaccination campaigns, and community awareness. Vaccination teams have been deployed to affected areas to administer diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccines to prevent the spread of the disease and protect vulnerable populations.

Furthermore, surveillance efforts have been intensified to identify new cases, trace contacts, and provide appropriate interventions. Efforts are also underway to enhance healthcare infrastructure, laboratory capacity, and surveillance systems to ensure swift identification and response to future disease outbreaks.

It is crucial for the general public to maintain good personal hygiene practices, ensure timely immunizations, and report any suspected cases of diphtheria to the nearest healthcare facility. The collaboration between the government, healthcare agencies, and the public is vital to curb the spread of diphtheria and prevent further loss of lives.

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