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Fri, Jul 28, 2023 7:10 AM

Labour Party Condemns Fake Photo of Peter Obi with Simon Ekpa

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Labour Party Condemns Fake Photo of Peter Obi with Simon Ekpa
The Labour Party has condemned a photoshopped image showing their Presidential flag bearer, Peter Obi, with pro-Biafran advocate Simon Ekpa. The party labeled it as a desperate attempt to tarnish Obi's reputation and create a false narrative. The image has been circulating on social media, but the party clarifies that it is fake and provides details about the actual context of the photo.

The Labour Party's media team has strongly condemned the circulation of a photoshopped image showing their Presidential flag bearer, Peter Obi, alongside pro-Biafran advocate Simon Ekpa. The party categorizes the image as fake and labels it as a desperate move to smear Obi's name and associate him with Ekpa's controversial actions in Nigeria.

Diran Onifade, the Head of Media for the Obi-Datti team, released a statement addressing the issue. In the statement, Onifade emphasizes how photos can no longer be considered a reliable source of truth in the digital age. He states, "Obi-Datti Media office notes that the scenario is exactly what played out in the photoshopped picture of the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, supposedly standing with the Finland-based irritant Biafra agitator, Simon Ekpa, all in a desperate move to drag Obi's name into disrepute by linking him with the ugly story that Ekpa has become in Nigeria."

Onifade goes on to provide clarity regarding the actual context of the photo. He reveals that the picture in question was taken when Obi was interacting with an admirer during a Virgin Flight on Friday, July 21, 2023. The media team slams the individuals responsible for the fake image for manipulating it and inserting a picture of Aisha Yusuf behind Obi and his admirer to further authenticate their falsified narrative.

The statement also highlights Peter Obi's previous comments about the sit-at-home movement, which were not in support of the agitation. Onifade reminds the public that Obi was the first to describe the movement as an act that stems from a criminal element within the system, rather than a genuine cause.

In a related development, the media team raises awareness about a scam advertisement circulating on social media. The advertisement falsely claims that Peter Obi is providing 20GB of free data and N5000 airtime to celebrate his 62nd birthday. The team warns subscribers to be cautious and not fall for this scam.

The circulation of fake photos and false information is not new in the world of politics, and the Labour Party's response serves as a reminder of the need for critical evaluation and fact-checking. In an era where information spreads rapidly through social media, it becomes increasingly important for the public to exercise vigilance and verify the authenticity of content before believing and sharing it.

As political campaigns heat up, it is crucial for individuals to rely on reliable sources and trustworthy information to make informed decisions. The responsibility falls on both political parties and the general public to maintain the credibility and integrity of information shared throughout the election process.

Overall, the Labour Party's prompt condemnation of the fake photo and their efforts to clarify the actual context exhibited their commitment to maintaining transparency and truthfulness throughout the campaign. It serves as a reminder that digital forgeries can be used to manipulate public opinion, and a critical approach to information consumption is necessary, especially in the realm of politics.

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