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Federal Government Collaborates with Stakeholders to Launch Free Anthrax Vaccination in Niger State

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Federal Government Collaborates with Stakeholders to Launch Free Anthrax Vaccination in Niger State
The Federal Government, in partnership with stakeholders, has initiated a free anthrax vaccination campaign in Niger State. This proactive measure aims to safeguard livestock and prevent the transmission of anthrax to humans. The vaccination program will commence with the mass vaccination of all livestock within a 12-kilometer radius of the affected farm. Movement restrictions have also been imposed to prevent further spreading. The collaborative efforts of the government, local authorities, and community members are crucial in curbing the outbreak effectively.

In a bid to ensure the safety of livestock and curb the spread of anthrax, the Federal Government has joined forces with critical stakeholders to launch a free vaccination campaign in Niger State. Anthrax is an infectious zoonotic disease caused by bacteria that affects both domestic and wild animals, including humans who closely interact with infected animals.

Dr. Ernest Umakhihe, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, emphasized the significance of preventing the outbreak from spreading further. To achieve this, the Federal Government has provided 50,000 doses of anthrax vaccines to Niger State for the mass vaccination of livestock within a 12-kilometer radius of the affected farm.

Furthermore, the government has implemented movement restrictions on animals within the farm where the outbreak occurred for the next 20 days. This measure aims to prevent the infected animals from spreading the disease to others in their vicinity. Additionally, the farm, its equipment, and surrounding areas will undergo thorough disinfection to eliminate potential sources of transmission. The Ministry will also conduct surveillance in slaughter slabs, abattoirs, and livestock markets nationwide to detect and control any early signs of the disease.

During his visit to the Emir's palace, Dr. Umakhihe requested the cooperation of the local community to implement necessary control activities. He assured them that individuals who may have come into contact with the disease are receiving prophylactic treatment and close monitoring.

The Emir of Suleja, Mallam Muhammad Awwal, expressed gratitude for the Federal Government's prompt response. He reaffirmed the Emirate's commitment to curbing the spread of anthrax and pledged the collaboration of the State Government.

Alhaji Jubril Mandalla, Head of the Niger State Butchers Association, expressed appreciation for the intervention and acknowledged the prior sensitization efforts by the veterinary staff. He assured their compliance with safety measures and pledged full support in containing the outbreak.

The vaccination campaign commenced with the immunization of animals at Boyiwa, Kajanna, and Acerbus farms in Tafa Local Government Area. Simultaneously, advocacy visits were made to Suleja Abattoir, Livestock Market, Primary Healthcare Centers, and General Hospital in Suleja to sensitize stakeholders on preventive measures.

The collaborative efforts of Veterinarians from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Niger State Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Nigeria Agriculture Quarantine Services, and other officials have been instrumental in tackling the outbreak. The involvement of community stakeholders, such as the Niger State Butchers Association, further strengthens the control strategies.

It is crucial for all involved parties to maintain effective coordination and synergy to ensure the success of the vaccination campaign and prevent future outbreaks. By prioritizing the health and well-being of livestock, the Federal Government and stakeholders demonstrate their commitment to protecting both animals and humans from the devastating effects of anthrax.

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