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Fri, Aug 11, 2023 10:40 PM

Enugu State Governor Assigns Portfolios to Commissioners

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Enugu State Governor Assigns Portfolios to Commissioners
Enugu State Governor Peter Mbah has assigned portfolios to the 20 Commissioners who were sworn in on Thursday. The governor urged the newly appointed commissioners to work diligently in delivering the administration's campaign promises, focusing on economic growth, infrastructure development, and human capital development in the state.

The Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah, wasted no time in assigning portfolios to the 20 Commissioners who took their oath of office on Thursday. With a clear vision and a sense of urgency, the governor charged the commissioners to immediately embark on their duties, emphasizing his administration's commitment to the exponential growth of the state's economy, speedy provision of socio-economic infrastructure, and human capital development.

Describing the commissioners as products of a painstaking search for quality leadership, Governor Mbah expressed his aspiration to transform Enugu State into a premier investment destination while eradicating poverty and ensuring access to quality education and healthcare services. He stressed that the commissioners had been selected based on their track record, experience, and background, with the expectation that they bring their skills and expertise to bear in addressing the challenges hindering economic development and growth.

"In about 100 days from now, Enugu people want to turn their taps and see water flowing from those taps. We have promised them. So, they are expectant.

"We want to have access to quality education. We want to have access to quality healthcare services. We want to attract investments to Enugu and it will require you, deploying not only your skills but also making sure that you acquire those new skills that we need to fix the challenges of breaking new grounds of economic development and growth."

Responding on behalf of his colleagues, Dr. Martin Chulwunweoke assured the governor of their unwavering commitment to the task ahead. He affirmed their dedication to delivering the Enugu State of Governor Mbah's dreams, promising to work diligently with unalloyed loyalty.

The governor's initiative to swiftly assign portfolios to the newly appointed commissioners reflects his determination to hit the ground running in executing his administration's agenda. With a focus on economic prosperity, infrastructure development, and human capital empowerment, Enugu State is poised to experience significant advancements under the collective efforts of the governor and his team.

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