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Fri, Aug 11, 2023 2:35 PM

Dele Alake Tipped as Ideal Candidate for Minister of Communications Position

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Dele Alake Tipped as Ideal Candidate for Minister of Communications Position
Segun Akinleye, a public affairs analyst, has chosen Dele Alake as the perfect fit for the Minister of Communications position in Nigeria. Alake's experience working under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the commissioner for information in Lagos state and his expertise in journalism make him a strong candidate for the role. With Alake's media prowess and understanding of the power of narrative, Akinleye believes he would be an ideal choice for the communications ministry.

Ikeja, Lagos state - Segun Akinleye, a public affairs analyst, on Friday, August 11, picked Dele Alake as the ideal candidate for the Minister of Communications position.

In a chat with Legit.ng, Akinleye said Ekiti-born Alake's expertise makes him the right man for the Communications ministry.

Akinleye stated that the fact that Alake has functioned in a similar capacity at the state level and under the same man (President Bola Ahmed Tinubu), he should be a perfect fit for the Communications ministry.

He told Legit.ng:

"For the prospective minister of communication, that should be Dele Alake. Why? He was Tinubu's commissioner for information when he was governor of Lagos state. He is a veteran journalist who will be the armour-bearer of the presidency. Remember, he was the SA on Media and Special Duties before he was nominated as a minister. So, Dele Alake wins it for me.

"And lastly, Tinubu knows how powerful media narrative is and for this reason, he will unleash Dele Alake on Nigerians. The word is 'unleash'. Lai Mohammed will be child's play."

Dele Alake's experience as Tinubu's commissioner for information during his tenure as governor of Lagos state places him in a strong position for the Communications ministry. His extensive background in journalism ensures he understands the power of media and how to effectively communicate messages to the public.

With Nigeria facing several communication-related challenges, such as widespread misinformation and the need for improved connectivity, having an experienced minister like Alake in charge would be beneficial.

As a veteran journalist, Alake would bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. His understanding of media dynamics and the importance of shaping narratives would be critical in ensuring effective communication between the government and the people.

Furthermore, Alake's previous role as Special Advisor on Media and Special Duties showcases his ability to handle important responsibilities and navigate sensitive communication issues.

Segun Akinleye's endorsement of Alake reflects the confidence many have in his capabilities. Akinleye's belief that Alake would be able to unleash the power of media narrative indicates a strong determination to create positive change and shape public perception.

With current Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, often facing criticism for his handling of media affairs, the appointment of Dele Alake could present a fresh start for the Communications ministry.

The role of the Minister of Communications is vital in ensuring transparent and effective communication between the government and the Nigerian people. Alake's expertise and experience make him a compelling choice to spearhead this crucial function.

As the Nigerian government looks to address various communication challenges and promote efficient use of technology and information dissemination, having someone like Alake at the helm would bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge.

Although the final decision lies with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the endorsement of Dele Alake by Segun Akinleye strengthens the case for his appointment as Minister of Communications.

As the nation anticipates the announcement of the ministerial nominees, all eyes will be on the potential appointments and how they will shape the country's communication landscape.

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