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Mon, Jul 31, 2023 8:30 AM

Nigerian Computer Society Conference Aims to Attract Tech Investors to Nigeria

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Nigerian Computer Society Conference Aims to Attract Tech Investors to Nigeria
The Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) is set to host its international conference in Bauchi with the aim of attracting local and international investors to the Nigerian tech industry. The conference will bring together industry experts, decision-makers, and government officials to discuss and showcase developments in the Information Technology sector. The NCS seeks to highlight the massive IT investments in Bauchi State and foster collaboration between the state and the Nigerian Computer Society. The conference also aims to promote the use of e-systems for economic stability and create a future of fully automated states.

The Nigerian tech industry is rapidly growing, and the Nigerian Computer Society (NCS) is at the forefront of ensuring its continuous development. With the upcoming international conference themed "Communications and e-Systems for Economic Stability (CeSES 2023)," the NCS intends to attract investors, policy-makers, and industry icons to explore the immense opportunities in Nigeria.

The NCS conference, which has become the largest gathering of IT professionals in Africa, serves as a platform to showcase the progress of Bauchi State's IT sector and forge sustainable collaborations between the state and the NCS. The event will also feature exhibitions of various IT products, including software and hardware, which are beneficial to both the government and the industry.

The President of NCS, Prof. Adesina Sodiya, spoke about the significance of the conference, stating, "We are seeing a fully automated state in the future, where e-governance, e-commerce, e-documents, e-approval, e-knowledge, e-payment, among others, will be the order of the day, thereby eliminating corruption and making the State first among equals."

The conference aims to explore the potential of e-systems in driving economic stability. E-governance, for instance, can streamline government processes, increase efficiency, and reduce corruption. E-commerce can boost the digital economy, create job opportunities, and facilitate trade both locally and internationally. E-documents and e-approval systems can enhance transparency, speed up administrative procedures, and provide convenient and secure access to information.

With Bauchi State's ongoing investment in IT infrastructure, the conference aims to attract both local and international investors. These investments will not only benefit Bauchi State but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the Nigerian tech industry. The collaboration between Bauchi State and the NCS will serve as a catalyst for innovation, knowledge sharing, and technological advancements.

In addition to showcasing IT developments and facilitating collaborations, the conference will address current national and global developmental issues. It will provide a platform for industry experts, decision-makers, and government officials to discuss challenges, trends, and opportunities in the IT sector. This exchange of ideas and expertise is crucial for driving the digital transformation of Nigeria.

In conclusion, the Nigerian Computer Society Conference is set to play a pivotal role in attracting tech investors to Nigeria. By highlighting the achievements and potential of the Nigerian tech industry, the conference aims to create a future where digital systems, such as e-governance and e-commerce, become the norm. The collaboration between Bauchi State and the NCS will serve as a model for leveraging technology in achieving economic stability and sustainable development.

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