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Fri, Aug 4, 2023 12:35 AM

NYSC DG Says Corps Members Can Be Mobilised for War

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NYSC DG Says Corps Members Can Be Mobilised for War
The Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has stated that corps members can be mobilised for war if need be due to their military training. This comes amidst President Tinubu's ultimatum to the military junta in Niger and his position as chairman of ECOWAS.

Ikeja, Lagos - Following the insinuation that President Bola Tinubu may lead the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to take military action against the military junta in Niger, a video of the Director General (DG) of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has resurfaced with a controversial statement.

In the video, the NYSC DG was heard saying that corps members can be mobilised for war if need be due to the military training they undergo during their three months in camp.

President Tinubu, who was recently unanimously elected as the chairman of ECOWAS, has taken a strong stance on behalf of the regional bloc against the military junta in Niger. He gave the military junta a one-week ultimatum to return power to the democratically elected government or face sanctions, with the use of force not being ruled out as an option.

The statement made by President Tinubu read, "Corps members are on reserve. They are part of the national defense policy of this country. So, where there is a serious war, our corps members who are educated can be trained. You can imagine within the short three weeks in camp. The corps members are modelled."

This statement has sparked debates and concerns among Nigerians, particularly those who have experienced the NYSC program firsthand.

One commenter, JB, expressed disagreement with the statement, suggesting that the DG may be referring to graduates of the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) who are serving in the NYSC program. JB also highlighted the challenges faced by professional soldiers, stating that it may not motivate anyone to risk what the DG is suggesting.

Another commenter, Tohir O, reminisced about their personal NYSC experience and highlighted the perception of NYSC as a "cruise" for some people. They mentioned the lack of water for the first three days and how the morning and evening parade was more of an entertainment factor. However, they also mentioned that the role and responsibilities now being interpreted may have changed since their time.

Ekene snr expressed relief that they had completed their NYSC before the implementation of such potential roles and responsibilities. They mentioned the perception of NYSC as a means for national unity but also highlighted some personal experiences, such as having a platoon commandant on their drinks payroll.

The NYSC program has long been a topic of discussion in Nigeria, with varying opinions on its purpose and effectiveness.

Some argue that the program fosters national unity and allows young graduates to experience different regions of the country. Others believe it is a waste of time and resources, with little impact on the overall development of the nation.

This recent statement by the NYSC DG has reignited these debates, with concerns about the potential risks and implications of mobilizing corps members for war.

While the intention may be to utilize the educated and trained young graduates in times of national defense, there are valid concerns about their preparedness, mental and physical well-being, and the implications on their future prospects.

It remains to be seen how this statement will be received by the government, the military, and the general public. As the discussions unfold, it is crucial to ensure that the welfare, safety, and aspirations of the corps members are given utmost consideration and that their involvement in any military action is carefully evaluated and justified.

The NYSC program and its role in national development will continue to be a topic of interest and scrutiny, and it is important for all stakeholders to engage in constructive conversations to address any concerns and ensure the program's relevance and effectiveness in shaping the future of Nigeria.

Only time will tell how this controversial statement will impact the perception and policies surrounding the National Youth Service Corps.


Author: John Doe

Published: June 25, 2023

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