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Thu, Aug 24, 2023 6:10 PM

Delta Commissioner for Works Stresses the Importance of Quality Project Execution

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Delta Commissioner for Works Stresses the Importance of Quality Project Execution
The newly sworn in Delta Commissioner for Works, Mr Reuben Izeze, emphasizes the need for quality project execution in the state. He affirms the governor's commitment to delivering superior infrastructure projects that stand the test of time. The commissioner urges the engineers and staff to raise their standards and work towards achieving the governor's "MORE agenda" for the state.

The Delta Commissioner for Works, Mr Reuben Izeze, has made it clear that cutting corners in project execution will no longer be tolerated in the state. After his inauguration by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori, Izeze assumed duty and expressed his intentions to prioritize quality and excellence in infrastructure development.

Izeze acknowledges Governor Oborevwori as a man of high standards who does not compromise on quality. He expects the Ministry of Works to become one of the star ministries in the administration, delivering projects that make the people of Delta proud. The commissioner believes it's time to do things differently and ensure that all projects are built to withstand the test of time.

With the governor's "MORE agenda" to advance the state, Izeze pledges to deliver superior projects that align with the commitments made by the administration to the people of Delta. This includes focusing on the quality of roads and bridges across rural, urban, riverine, and highway areas.

In order to realize the governor's vision, Izeze calls upon the engineers in the ministry to elevate their work and deliver projects that meet the highest standards. He emphasizes the need for superior project execution and urges the staff to play their part in achieving the desired goals of the state government.

The Works Commissioner for Rural and Riverine Roads, Mr Charles Aniagwu, adds his voice to the message of quality project execution. He emphasizes the importance of diligent supervision and cautions against any form of laxity or shortcuts in the execution of projects.

Supervision will be increased to ensure ongoing projects are visited regularly, regardless of their location. Regular updates will be expected from schedule officers, enabling timely intervention if contractors face any challenges.

The commissioners took the opportunity to interact with the engineers and civil servants in the ministry, emphasizing the importance of their cooperation in realizing the governor's "MORE agenda." The staff's commitment and dedication are crucial in achieving the desires and aspirations of the state government.

According to the Permanent Secretary, Mr Fred Edafioghor, the ministry has inherited over 400 projects at various stages of completion from the previous administration. This underscores the need for the ministry to establish a culture of excellence and ensure the successful delivery of every project within the state.

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