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Sun, Jul 30, 2023 10:30 AM

Super Falcons Provide Huge Bragging Rights for Nigerians in Australia

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Super Falcons Provide Huge Bragging Rights for Nigerians in Australia
The Super Falcons' victory over the Matildas in Australia has given Nigerians living in the country immense pride and bragging rights. The Nigerian High Commissioner to Australia, Anderson Madubike, expressed his joy and appreciation for the team's success, and reaffirmed his support for their continued winning streak. This article dives deeper into the impact of the Super Falcons' triumph on the Nigerian community in Australia and highlights the efforts made by the High Commission to rally support for the team.

LAGOS - Nigeria's High Commissioner to Australia, His Excellency Anderson Madubike, has expressed his immense joy and pride following the Super Falcons' victory over the Matildas in Australia. The Nigerian community in the country now walks with a fresh spring in their steps, thanks to the outstanding performance of the national women's football team.

"I can tell you that we are very happy. Now, we walk with a fresh spring in our steps anywhere we go in the whole of Australia. The Super Falcons have done us proud and we want them to continue winning," Madubike said in Brisbane.

The seasoned diplomat, along with his mission staff, has worked tirelessly to mobilize Nigerians across Australia to support and encourage the Super Falcons ever since their arrival for the tournament. Hosting some board members and management staff of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) at a place nicknamed 'Little Lagos' in Brisbane, Madubike emphasized the significance of the team's success for the Nigerian community.

"What we have been doing for the team is nothing special; these are the things that any mission should do for a Nigerian team wherever they find themselves. However, we are overjoyed that our little efforts have not gone in vain," said Madubike.

Nigeria's High Commissioner's remarks reflect the enormous pride and happiness that the Nigerian community in Australia is experiencing. The team's victory has bestowed upon them a sense of unity and identity, creating an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie.

NFF's 1st Vice President, Chief Felix Anyansi-Agwu, expressed his gratitude towards the High Commissioner and his officials for their unwavering support. He acknowledged the crucial role played by the Nigerian community in Australia in rallying behind the Super Falcons and contributing to the team's success.

Also in attendance were NFF Executive Members Alhaji Sharif Rabiu Inuwa and Alhaji Babagana Kalli, NFF General Secretary Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, Deputy High Commissioner Mrs. Mercy Clement, NFF Director of Communications Ademola Olajire, Deputy Director of Competitions Dayo Enebi Achor, and Chief Protocol Officer Emmanuel Ayanbunmi.

The Super Falcons' triumph over the Matildas transcends beyond the football field. It symbolizes the unity, resilience, and indomitable spirit of Nigerians in Australia. This victory rekindles their national pride, bringing them closer together as they celebrate the achievements of their team.

The Nigerian High Commission's efforts to support the Super Falcons showcase the importance of diplomatic support for national teams in foreign territories. By providing a platform for Nigerians to come together and rally behind their team, the High Commission has fostered a sense of belonging and pride.

As the Super Falcons progress in the tournament, the support from Nigerians in Australia will undoubtedly continue to grow. The team's success has not only brought happiness to the Nigerian community but has also garnered respect and admiration from other communities and nations.

In conclusion, the Super Falcons' victory has given Nigerians residing in Australia a reason to celebrate and boast about their heritage. The Nigerian High Commission's unwavering support has played a crucial role in creating an atmosphere of support and encouragement for the national women's football team. The Super Falcons' triumph is a testament to the power of unity and national pride.

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