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Victory Gbakara and Precious Mac Visit Bigi Headquarters to Express Gratitude for Nigerian Idol Season 8 Success

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Victory Gbakara and Precious Mac Visit Bigi Headquarters to Express Gratitude for Nigerian Idol Season 8 Success
Winner of Nigerian Idol Season 8, Victory Gbakara, and first runner-up, Precious Mac, paid a visit to Rite Foods Limited's headquarters, expressing sincere gratitude to Bigi, a key sponsor of the show. They credited Bigi's substantial contribution and praised the brand's customer-centric focus and exceptional quality. They shared their positive experiences with Bigi products. The visit became a memorable event filled with emotions and mutual admiration, highlighting Bigi's commitment to nurturing Nigerian talent.

In a heartwarming gesture, Victory Gbakara, the winner of Nigerian Idol Season 8, and Precious Mac, the first runner-up, recently made a special visit to Rite Foods Limited, the headquarters of Bigi, to express their heartfelt gratitude for the brand's immense support throughout the Musical Reality Show.

Their visit served as a wonderful opportunity for Gbakara and Precious Mac to acknowledge and appreciate Bigi's significant role in elevating the show's appeal and making it a tremendous success. Both finalists expressed their gratitude for Bigi's substantial contribution, which enhanced the excitement and overall experience of the concluded Nigerian Idol Season 8.

Gbakara, a talented 25-year-old lawyer, songwriter, and singer, was particularly impressed with Bigi's customer-centric focus and the exceptional quality of its products. He couldn't stop raving about the refreshing taste of Bigi Tropical, which he found remarkable. Precious Mac also shared her positive experience with Bigi products, affirming their excellent quality and taste.

The highlight of the season was undoubtedly Victory Gbakara, whose enthralling performances from the auditions to the electrifying finale captivated not only the judges but also the audiences. Gbakara emerged victorious over Precious Mac, winning a grand prize of N100 Million (One Hundred Million Naira), which includes a remarkable array of rewards.

Gbakara's grand prize package includes N35 million in cash, a sleek new SUV, a Bigi branded refrigerator, a year's supply of Bigi soft drinks, a recording label contract, and a fully equipped DStv Explora with a 12-month premium subscription. These rewards will undoubtedly help him launch his music career with a bang.

During their visit to Rite Foods, Gbakara and Precious Mac expressed their profound gratitude to Bigi for its generous support throughout the show. Gbakara also shared his delight in the exciting shopping spree held at Shoprite, Ikeja City Mall, Lagos, where the other top three contestants went home with household items worth over N1 million.

The celebratory visit became an unforgettable memory for Gbakara and Precious Mac. The enthusiastic Bigi team and Rite Foods Limited's top management welcomed them with open arms, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. The talented finalists had the chance to share their genuine feelings and mutual admiration through handwritten notes, which they read out in front of everyone present. The emotional exchange between Gbakara and Precious Mac served as a moving reminder of their incredible journey together and their aspirations for the future.

Echoing Gbakara's sentiments, Biola Aransiola, the Assistant Brand Manager for Bigi at Rite Foods Limited, emphasized the brand's unwavering commitment to strengthening the entertainment industry. Aransiola highlighted Bigi's pivotal role in nurturing young Nigerian talent and propelling them toward superstardom in their respective music genres.

Through its support of Nigerian Idol Season 8, Bigi has reaffirmed its dedication to the growth and development of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. The brand's customer-centric focus, exceptional quality, and commitment to showcasing and promoting talented individuals like Victory Gbakara and Precious Mac have solidified its place as a trusted and beloved sponsor of Nigerian Idol and other musical events.

This heartwarming visit between the talented artists and the Bigi team signifies a shared journey and a commitment to furthering the success of Nigerian music and entertainment. Victory Gbakara and Precious Mac's expressions of gratitude will forever be remembered as a testament to the power of collaboration and support in the entertainment industry.

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