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Mon, Aug 7, 2023 1:15 PM

Verve Launches 4th Edition of Verve Good Life Promo to Reward Cardholders

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Verve Launches 4th Edition of Verve Good Life Promo to Reward Cardholders
Verve, one of Africa's leading payment cards and digital tokens brand, has announced the launch of its 4th edition of the Verve Good Life Promo. The promo aims to reward Verve cardholders with exciting gifts and cash prizes for their frequent transactions. The six-month-long promo will run from August 3, 2023, to January 31, 2024, giving cardholders ample opportunities to win amazing prizes.

Lagos-based payment card and digital tokens brand, Verve, has unveiled its fourth edition of the Verve Good Life Promo, aptly titled "The Verve Good Life Promo 4.0." With the aim of appreciating its valued cardholders, Verve will be rewarding them with a range of exciting gifts and cash prizes during the six-month-long promotion.

The Verve Good Life Promo 4.0 will span from August 3, 2023, to January 31, 2024, giving Verve cardholders plenty of time to participate and stand a chance to win. The promotion is open to all Verve cardholders who use their cards for transactions on various platforms such as ATMs, POS terminals, and popular online platforms like Google Play Store, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Microsoft, Facebook, and Uber, among others.

Cardholders can maximize their chances of winning by frequently transacting with their Verve cards during the promo period. The more transactions made, the higher the chances of winning exciting prizes that include cash prizes, free fuel, rent, school fees, and many more amazing rewards.

The Verve Good Life Promo has been running since 2020 and has consistently rewarded thousands of Verve cardholders, bringing joy and excitement to their lives. This year's edition aims to take the excitement to new heights, providing an even more rewarding and elevated experience for participants.

Cherry Eromosele, the Executive Vice President & Group Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Interswitch Group, expressed the brand's commitment to enhancing cardholders' experiences and rewarding their loyalty. She highlighted how the Verve Good Life Promo allows Verve to give back to its customers, who have played a crucial role in its success as a leading payment solutions provider.

Speaking at the launch event, Vincent Ogbunude, the Managing Director of Verve International, expressed excitement over the positive impact the initiative has had on thousands of Verve users across Africa. He noted that the success of the previous editions inspired Verve to continue pushing boundaries and raising the bar to ensure their customers truly live and enjoy the good life.

Verve's continuous dedication to providing secure and convenient payment solutions is further exemplified by their commitment to initiatives like the Verve Good Life Promo. By rewarding Verve cardholders and positively impacting their lives, Verve shows that it goes beyond being a payment card brand - it's a brand that cares.

This year's edition of the Verve Good Life Promo promises to be an extraordinary experience for cardholders, who have the chance to win incredible prizes and enjoy the benefits of their Verve cards. The promo stands as an opportunity for Verve to express gratitude to its esteemed cardholders and continue uplifting the lives of Nigerians through its innovative payment solutions.

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