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Mon, Sep 11, 2023 1:10 PM

Former Military Governor Urges President Tinubu to Chart a New Course

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Former Military Governor Urges President Tinubu to Chart a New Course
Former military governor, Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar (rtd), advises President Bola Tinubu to avoid being seen as an extension of the Muhammadu Buhari government. Umar believes Tinubu should chart a new course, probe and recover looted funds, and redefine his presidency. This article explores the implications of Umar's advice and the challenges facing the new administration.

Kaduna, Kaduna state - Former military governor of old Kaduna state, Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar (rtd), has advised President Bola Tinubu against creating the impression that his administration is an offshoot of the Muhammadu Buhari government. Umar believes that for Tinubu to succeed, he must chart a new course and avoid getting entangled in the perceived failures of the previous administration.

While both Tinubu and Buhari are members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Umar emphasizes the need for a fresh start. In an interview with The Sun, Umar states that building on a shaky foundation would only prolong Nigeria's challenges. He insists that Tinubu must probe and recover looted funds, citing President Buhari's precedence in investigating the Jonathan administration.

However, this advice comes amidst claims by Dangiwa that the ongoing probe of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) by Tinubu may unearth corruption within the Buhari administration. Umar suggests that the probe will expose alleged enrichment of Buhari's "cabals." These revelations add another layer of complexity to Tinubu's task of resurrecting a country plagued by myriad challenges.

It is essential for President Tinubu to reaffirm his commitment to combating corruption within his own ranks. By probing and recovering looted funds, Tinubu can demonstrate a genuine intent to restore public trust and set a new standard for his administration. Learning from President Buhari's efforts, this would mark a critical step forward in addressing the issue of corruption.

Amidst these dynamics, President Tinubu must also address the urgent security concerns plaguing the country. The unabated killings by non-state actors undermine the stability and progress of Nigeria. Tinubu's administration must develop a comprehensive security strategy that prioritizes the protection of people's lives and ensures the rule of law.

As President Tinubu takes the reins of a country in crisis, he must rise above the factional politics and partisan divisions that have plagued Nigeria's governance. He should embrace an inclusive approach that reaches across party lines to unite all Nigerians in tackling the pressing issues of the nation.

Colonel Umar's advice serves as a reminder that President Tinubu has the opportunity to redefine his presidency. By charting a new course and breaking away from the failures of the past administration, Tinubu can instill hope and inspire confidence in the Nigerian populace.

The task ahead is enormous, yet with the right course, a commitment to transparency, and a focus on the collective wellbeing of the Nigerian people, President Tinubu can lay the groundwork for a new era of governance, where accountability, progress, and unity take center stage.

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