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Fri, Sep 8, 2023 3:20 PM

Ankara Promotes Health Tourism in Nigeria and Explores Potential Collaborations

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Ankara Promotes Health Tourism in Nigeria and Explores Potential Collaborations
Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, is making significant strides in promoting its healthcare tourism sector in Nigeria. Following participation in the "19th Akwaaba African Travel Markets and 2nd Medical Tourism Expo" held in Lagos, Ankara opened a booth named "Health Ankara" to showcase its healthcare services and explore collaborations with Nigerian medical professionals and institutions. The city aims to increase its share of the health tourism industry and boost its healthcare exports.

The city of Ankara, renowned as the medical capital of Turkey, has been actively promoting its healthcare tourism initiatives in Nigeria. Building on the success of the "19th Akwaaba African Travel Markets and 2nd Medical Tourism Expo" held in Lagos, Ankara showcased its healthcare services and facilities at the event to create awareness and explore potential collaborations.

Under the banner of "Health Ankara," the city's representatives engaged with attendees and medical professionals to highlight Ankara's expertise in healthcare tourism. Speaking to journalists at the event, Yılmaz, a spokesperson for the initiative, emphasized the importance of healthcare tourism and its impact on various sectors, stating, "Healthcare tourism has a significant ripple effect on at least 37 different sectors, including exports. Our 'Health Ankara' project aims to promote our country's healthcare exports while representing our industry."

Yılmaz further highlighted that Ankara's healthcare service exports reached $1 billion in 2022 and emphasized the city's esteemed position as Turkey's medical capital. The representatives also shared information on providing training to Nigerian healthcare professionals to strengthen bilateral relations and offered invitations for African doctors to observe Ankara's healthcare practices.

In addition to healthcare collaborations, the delegates engaged in discussions on various sectors, such as the furniture industry, to explore potential partnerships. They also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and planned to organize business-to-business meetings in Ankara to facilitate collaborations between Nigerian and Turkish exporters.

During their visit to Lagos, Ankara's representatives also met with the Governor of Cross River State, Bassey Otu, to discuss signing a goodwill agreement aimed at fostering collaborations. As part of the agreement, representatives from Cross River State, including festival organizers and senators, are scheduled to visit Ankara to explore partnerships in medical equipment, technology transfer, pharmaceutical supply, infrastructure, and energy projects.

Ankara's healthcare tourism initiatives have also reached Ghana, where discussions were held with hospital administrators and the African Health Tourism Council. The representatives invited them to visit Ankara and explore collaboration opportunities.

Yılmaz expressed his concern that Ghana's healthcare services, while more advanced than Nigeria's, were significantly behind Turkey's. He highlighted the need for further collaboration to bridge this gap and ensure patients receive high-quality healthcare services. As part of their discussions, an agreement was made to provide advanced treatments to Ghanaian patients in Ankara under affordable and reasonable pricing arrangements.

To facilitate healthcare services and enhance patient experiences, Ankara Chamber of Commerce plans to establish a call center dedicated to addressing patients' queries and complaints.

Ankara's ambitious efforts to promote healthcare tourism and explore collaborations highlight the city's commitment to open up to the international community. With support from the Ministry of Trade, Ankara aims to expand its global presence and attract patients from different parts of the world, including Africa.

Highlighting the geographical proximity between Ankara and Africa, Yılmaz stated, "Ankara is only a four-hour flight away from a population of 2.5 billion people. With an increase in direct flights, Ankara has the potential to attract a significant number of patients."

The collaboration between Nigeria and Turkey and Ankara's proactive approach to healthcare tourism will undoubtedly lead to mutual benefits, enhancing medical services and fostering bilateral relations between the two countries.

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