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Canada Calling: Top 5 Provinces for Nigerian Nurses to Start their Career

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Canada Calling: Top 5 Provinces for Nigerian Nurses to Start their Career
Canada is calling Nigerian nurses to address its nursing shortfall. With the healthcare sector experiencing unprecedented demand, several provinces are making it easier for nurses trained outside of Canada to start their careers. Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Ontario have implemented various initiatives to attract and support international nurses. From financial incentives to streamlined registration processes, these provinces are offering promising opportunities for Nigerian nurses looking to practice in Canada.

Get ready, Nigerian nurses. Canada is calling you. Check out the top 5 provinces making it simpler to start your nursing career. Dive in and seize your opportunity today.

Canada is currently grappling with a nursing shortfall due to prevalent mental health issues and professional burnout.

As a result, provincial authorities are adjusting their international recruitment strategies to counterbalance this shortage.

In a notable move, the government of Manitoba has committed to employ an additional 2,000 healthcare staff. It also plans to allocate $200 million towards retention, training, and hiring initiatives.

The demand for nurses in Canada is on an unprecedented surge, heightened by the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and an aging population.

According to the most recent data, the healthcare and social assistance sector recorded a record high of 162,100 open positions as of January 2023.

As the demand for nurses grows, several Canadian provinces are actively making it easier and quicker to hire nurses trained outside of Canada. Here's a look at five such provinces:

1. Alberta

Alberta is making strides in this area, pledging over $15 million to support and train more IENs.

This commitment includes $7.8 million set aside for student bursaries, with recipients getting up to $30,000.

Additionally, three universities in Alberta are set to add 600 new seats to their nurse bridging programs.

2. British Columbia

Recognizing the importance of a healthy nurse-to-patient ratio, British Columbia has made changes in this regard.

For instance, a 1:1 ratio between an ICU nurse and a ventilated patient is now a standard, aiming to alleviate overworking issues and ensure proper care for patients.

3. Manitoba

In November 2022, Manitoba launched its Health Human Resource Action Plan.

The government committed to hire 2,000 more healthcare professionals, invest $200 million in retaining, training, and hiring healthcare professionals across the province, and eliminate mandatory overtime.

4. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia's approach to the situation is incentive-based.

Premier Tim Houston announced a $10,000 recognition bonus for nurses on March 20.

Nurses agreeing to a two-year return of service agreement are set to receive an additional $10,000 the following year.

5. Ontario

Ontario is taking considerable measures to attract more nurses.

Ontario's health groups are working together to make changes.

Now, nurses trained overseas can start working faster while they get full registration.

Also, nurses who had retired or stopped practicing can return to work more easily.

Further changes effective from January 1 include setting deadlines for registration decisions, preventing colleges from requiring Canadian work experience for registration, and accepting language tests approved under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

For nurses considering a move to Canada, several programs are specifically tailored for healthcare professionals. These include the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canadian Experience Class under the Express Entry program.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is another popular pathway, allowing provinces to select immigration candidates who can fill gaps in their labor force. For example:

It's clear that Canada values the essential work that nurses do and is ready to welcome and support them in their journey.

If you're an international nurse looking to practice in a supportive and welcoming environment, Canada is a great option.

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