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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 6:50 PM

Nigerian Air Force Scores Victories in Airstrikes against Terrorists and Oil Thieves

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Nigerian Air Force Scores Victories in Airstrikes against Terrorists and Oil Thieves
The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has achieved significant success in its recent airstrikes against terrorists and militants in Arina Woje, Borno State, and Bille, Rivers State. With the aim of curbing criminal activities and protecting innocent civilians, the NAF continues to carry out successful operations across the country. These efforts are crucial in maintaining the security and stability of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has conducted airstrikes against terrorists, militants, and oil thieves in two separate operations in Arina Woje, Borno State, and Bille, Rivers State. These operations have yielded positive results, contributing to the ongoing efforts to combat criminal activities and ensure the safety of Nigerian civilians.

In the Arina Woje operation, which took place on 1st September 2023, the NAF targeted a known terrorist hideout situated in the Southern Tumbuns near Lake Tchad. Credible intelligence indicated that the location was actively being used by terrorists for shelter and as a storage facility for weapons and other logistics. The airstrikes were authorized to neutralize the threat, and they were met with resounding success. The massive cloud of smoke and fire observed, as well as feedback from locals near the area, confirmed the destruction of the hideout.

It is worth noting that this was not the first attack on the Arina Woje hideout. The NAF previously targeted the location on 13th June 2023, achieving significant success. However, some terrorists had regrouped and returned to the area, necessitating another round of airstrikes to eliminate their presence.

Similarly, in the Niger Delta region, specifically in the rural community of Bille in Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State, the NAF carried out multiple airstrikes against illegal oil refining activities. On 31st August 2023, an active illegal refining site with reservoirs and storage tanks suspected to harbor illegally refined products was identified and targeted. The airstrikes aimed to deter and destroy the activities of oil thieves, which not only damage the environment but also have detrimental effects on the nation's economy. The operation was considered a success, aligning with the NAF's commitment to curbing criminal activities.

The Nigerian Air Force reaffirmed its determination to continue conducting airstrikes in troubled areas and locations notorious for criminal activities. These operations will be conducted in collaboration with other security and government agencies to reduce the activities of these criminals to the lowest possible level.

With these recent successes, the Nigerian Air Force demonstrates its unwavering dedication to protecting innocent civilians, preserving the environment, and safeguarding the nation's economy. The victories achieved in the airstrikes against terrorists and oil thieves in Arina Woje and Bille are crucial steps towards bolstering the security and stability of Nigeria.

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