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EEDC Restores Power Supply to Anambra, Apologizes for Outage

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EEDC Restores Power Supply to Anambra, Apologizes for Outage
EEDC has announced the full restoration of power supply to its customers in parts of Anambra, including Awada, after a recent power outage caused by a fault at the TCN Station in Awada. The distribution company apologized to affected customers and thanked them for their patience. The EEDC emphasized the impact of disruptions within the electricity supply industry and the financial loss incurred during the outage.

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has successfully restored power supply to its customers in various parts of Anambra state, including Awada, following a recent power outage. The outage was caused by a fault at the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) Station in Awada, near Onitsha.

EEDC's Head of Corporate Communications, Mr. Emeka Ezeh, expressed his gratitude to the customers for their patience and understanding during the period of the power outage. He also extended an apology to the affected customers for the inconvenience caused.

Ezeh explained that the restoration of power supply was made possible by the successful transfer of the affected 33KV feeders to the newly commissioned 100MVA power transformer in the TCN Station, Awada. The transfer ensured a prompt and efficient restoration of electricity to the affected areas.

The EEDC further emphasized the importance of recognizing the role and position of the distribution companies in providing uninterrupted power supply to customers. Ezeh highlighted the interconnected nature of the electricity supply process and how disruptions at any point along the value chain could affect service delivery.

"Once there is a disruption within the space of any member of the value chain, it impacts on the service delivery of the distribution companies to customers," Ezeh explained. "In this case, the power transformer belonging to TCN, which serves as the source of power to our 33KV feeders, was faulty, and as a result, we lost supply and could not serve our customers."

The power outage lasted for over a week due to the faulty TR11, 60MVA power transformer at the TCN Station in Awada. During this period, the EEDC incurred significant financial losses as it was unable to generate revenue.

The restoration of power supply comes as a relief to the affected customers who had endured several days without electricity. The EEDC assures its customers of its commitment to providing reliable and efficient power supply in the future.

The company encourages customers to report any faults or issues promptly and appreciates their cooperation in the overall improvement of power supply services in the region.

As the power supply is now fully restored, the EEDC aims to minimize any potential disruptions and continue delivering quality and uninterrupted electricity to its customers.

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