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eHealth Africa to Host Insight Learning Forum on Digital Innovations in Public Health Practice

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eHealth Africa to Host Insight Learning Forum on Digital Innovations in Public Health Practice
eHealth Africa is organizing the Insight Learning Forum, a multi-stakeholder event that focuses on digital innovations in public health practice. The forum aims to bring together professionals and practitioners to discuss the use of digital health innovations in healthcare delivery. The event will showcase emerging digital health tools and technologies, and also highlight the need for accessibility and equity in digital health solutions.

ABUJA - eHealth Africa (eHA) is pleased to announce the upcoming multi-stakeholder Insight Learning Forum, with the theme "Digital Innovations in Public Health Practice: Lessons and Innovations." The forum serves as an annual country digital health learning event, bringing together professionals and practitioners in the digital and public health sectors to share experiences, insights, and knowledge regarding the use of digital health innovations in public health implementation.

The Insight Forum stems from the success of Insights by eHA, a monthly public health webinar series conducted over the past year. These webinars have been instrumental in providing valuable insights and facilitating discussions on various topics related to digital health, data-driven solutions, and innovations in public health.

The past two years have been challenging, with the COVID-19 pandemic exposing the weaknesses in Nigeria's healthcare systems and their inadequate preparedness and response to health emergencies. This situation highlights the crucial role that digital health plays in healthcare delivery. It is therefore essential to reflect on the lessons learned and identify new opportunities for innovation. This summit will showcase emerging digital health tools, platforms, and technologies that are shaping the future of healthcare delivery. It will also provide a platform to discuss ways to ensure that digital health solutions are accessible and equitable for all populations, regardless of socioeconomic status, geography, or health status.

Atef Fawaz, the Executive Director of eHealth Africa, emphasized the organization's commitment to bridging the healthcare gap, particularly in underserved communities across Africa. He stated, "Aligned with our vision at eHA, we believe that communities can achieve better healthcare outcomes through data-driven digital health solutions. We are optimistic that the Insight Forum will foster collaborations among organizations and, ultimately benefit healthcare providers and patients."

Similarly, David Akpan, the Deputy Director of Programs and Impact in Program Delivery, expressed his belief that the Insight Learning Forum has the potential to serve as a platform for showcasing digital health solutions that make a profound impact. He commented, "Building upon the success of the Insight webinar series that commenced over a year ago, we are delighted to inaugurate the Insight Learning Forum. This platform will enable practical demonstrations of digital solutions, highlighting success stories, lessons learned, impacts, and prospects, particularly for Nigeria and Africa's healthcare systems."

The Insight Summit presents an opportunity to showcase digital innovations in telemedicine and remote care delivery, digital tools for patient engagement and self-management, artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare, data privacy and security in digital health. Some of the innovations to be demonstrated include the Logistics Management System (LoMIS), Vaccine Direct Delivery, Laboratory Management Information System (LAMIS), Electronic Management of Immunization Data (EMID), among others.

eHealth Africa is a non-governmental organization dedicated to building stronger health systems through the design and implementation of data-driven solutions that respond to local needs. The organization equips underserved communities with tools to lead healthier lives.

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