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Bleaching Can Lead to Skin Diseases - Beauty Expert Warns Nigerian Women

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Bleaching Can Lead to Skin Diseases - Beauty Expert Warns Nigerian Women
Modupe Salahudeen, the chief executive of a beauty clinic in Lagos, has warned Nigerian women against the practice of bleaching their skin, citing the potential health risks involved. She urged women to maintain their natural skin and seek the guidance of beauty experts for safe and effective ways to enhance their appearance. Salahudeen emphasized the importance of education, training, and passion in the beauty industry, while also highlighting the need for regular equipment replacement. She encouraged young women to work hard and believe in themselves, emphasizing self-reliance and independence.

LAGOS - In a surprising revelation, Modupe Salahudeen, the chief executive of Pretty Young Beauty Clinique in Lagos, has cautioned Nigerian women against the harmful practice of bleaching their skin. Bleaching, a common practice in Nigeria and many other parts of the world, involves the use of chemicals to lighten the skin tone. However, Salahudeen has shed light on the potential dangers associated with this trend, emphasizing that it can lead to skin diseases and other health complications.

Speaking with Daily Independent, Salahudeen emphasized the importance of maintaining one's natural skin and urged women to avoid using harmful chemicals to enhance their appearance. She stressed the need for awareness and education regarding the risks involved in bleaching.

As the chief executive of a beauty business, Salahudeen is passionate about helping people look their best. She expressed her joy and pleasure in making people look radiant and elegant. However, she asserted the importance of prioritizing the long-term health and well-being of individuals.

"I love making people look radiant and elegant; it gives me joy and pleasure to do so," Salahudeen said. "But women should not jeopardize their health by bleaching their skin. It can lead to various skin diseases and cause unnecessary damage."

In the beauty industry, one of the challenges Salahudeen mentioned is the regular replacement of equipment. She highlighted the financial burden this places on entrepreneurs who strive to offer quality services. According to her, practitioners need to replace around 30 percent of their equipment every year to ensure optimal results and customer satisfaction.

Despite the challenges, Salahudeen acknowledged the growth of the Nigerian beauty industry, which has provided employment opportunities and revenue for many people. She noted the increasing number of young individuals investing in the sector and thriving with their businesses.

However, Salahudeen emphasized that success in the beauty industry requires a combination of education, training, and passion. She advised aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue a solid education and gain practical training to excel in the field. Without proper education and training, it can be challenging to establish oneself in the industry and provide quality services.

Starting a beauty business also requires a good capital investment. Salahudeen recommended starting small and gradually expanding the business as one acquires experience and the necessary resources.

Despite the potential for growth and success, Salahudeen mentioned that she personally did not secure a loan from the government or any bank to expand her own beauty clinic. She emphasized the importance of financial planning and careful management to ensure business sustainability.

Salahudeen also touched on the difference between bleaching and toning the skin. While bleaching involves the use of chemicals to remove layers of the skin and lighten its tone, toning focuses on maintaining the skin's natural brightness using plant-based creams.

"Those who bleach their skin remove one or two layers of their skin, and this is an unhealthy practice as it exposes the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun," Salahudeen explained. "The first layers of the skin protect the body from the rays of the sun, and removing them can lead to different diseases. I advise women not to bleach their skin because of the negative consequences."

In conclusion, Salahudeen urged young women to work hard, believe in themselves, and recognize their own capabilities. She highlighted the importance of self-reliance and emphasized that the days of depending solely on men for survival are over. By prioritizing their health and well-being, women can confidently enhance their natural beauty with the guidance of industry experts.

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