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Fri, Jul 28, 2023 6:00 PM

Devosta Solution Limited Launches Groundbreaking App "Dice Tutors" in Nigeria

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Devosta Solution Limited Launches Groundbreaking App "Dice Tutors" in Nigeria
Devosta Solution Limited has announced the launch of a revolutionary app called Dice Tutors in Nigeria. The app aims to address the issues of out-of-school children and soaring unemployment rates by connecting schools, parents, students, and private tutors. It offers a unique community-driven platform that empowers users to share their expertise while providing equal opportunities for all. Dice Tutors is committed to making a meaningful impact by sponsoring students who cannot afford the service and extending its reach to remote areas.

Lagos-based tech company, Devosta Solution Limited, has taken significant steps towards addressing two pressing issues in Nigeria - the increasing number of out-of-school children and the staggering unemployment rates. The company has announced the launch of a groundbreaking app, Dice Tutors, which aims to revolutionize the education sector in the country.

With statistics revealing that an alarming 51% out of 1.51 million individuals are currently unemployed in Nigeria, immediate action is required. The CEO of Devosta Solution Limited, Mr. Ajayi Ayesa, highlighted the need for knowledge dissemination and its impact on society. He stated that the focus of the app goes beyond acquiring knowledge but also empowers users to share their expertise with others, creating a supportive environment for all stakeholders.

The Nigerian education system faces numerous challenges, and the lack of job opportunities exacerbates the situation. Mr. Ayesa drew inspiration for the app from a previous project involving private tutors. This encounter sparked the idea of developing a platform that could significantly improve the education sector and address the unemployment crisis in Nigeria.

Recognizing the global opportunities that online connectivity brings, Mr. Ayesa explained that the app would extend its reach to other African countries after its launch in Nigeria. The primary goal is to drive local benefits before expanding to other regions.

The flagship initiative of Devosta Solution Limited, Dice Tutors, is a unique community-driven platform that connects schools, parents, students, and private tutors. The platform empowers tutors to set their own prices, encouraging them to pave their way in the education landscape.

While the app operates as a profit-making entity, Mr. Ayesa emphasized its primary focus on making a meaningful impact on the lives of both students and tutors. The company is committed to sponsoring students who cannot afford the service, ensuring that education remains accessible to all, especially those in remote areas lacking educational resources.

Understanding the challenges posed by unstable electricity in certain remote regions, Devosta Solution Limited has plans in place to overcome these hurdles. The company aims to ensure that education reaches even the most underserved communities.

A representative from Dice Tutors, Aramide Alade, highlighted the platform's commitment to excellence and inclusivity. The platform caters to students of all abilities and offers equal attention and support to slow learners. Its flexibility allows users to negotiate and customize their learning plans according to their specific needs.

Aramide emphasized the affordability and payment flexibility offered by Dice Tutors, underscoring the company's determination to alleviate the burden of unemployment in Nigeria. She also highlighted the platform's commitment to staying at the forefront of education by providing regular seminars and training to tutors, promoting the use of technology and innovative teaching methods.

Dice Tutors aims to equip students not only with academic knowledge but also with essential life skills, including moral and emotional development. The platform has established active partnerships with organizations advocating for special needs education, ensuring that students with unique requirements receive the necessary support to excel academically.

In response to concerns about online safety during classes, Mr. Ayesa urged parents to actively monitor their children's participation. To ensure transparency and accountability, Dice Tutors plans to implement recording sessions, allowing oversight of both tutors and students.

The impact-driven mission of Dice Tutors has garnered widespread acclaim and support, with users expressing enthusiasm about the platform's potential to revolutionize academic learning. The app is available for download, inviting both tutors and learners to join this transformative educational journey.

With the launch of Dice Tutors, the future looks promising for Nigerian students and the nation's workforce as they embrace this innovative platform designed to shape a brighter tomorrow.

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