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Nigeria Saves N300bn Annually in Overseas Training- Dr. Kabir K. Usman- DG CMD

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Nigeria Saves N300bn Annually in Overseas Training- Dr. Kabir K. Usman- DG CMD
Dr. Kabir K. Usman, the Director General of the Centre for Management Development (CMD), reveals that Nigeria saves N300 billion annually by reducing overseas training and focusing on local training. Under his leadership, the CMD has been working towards improving the skills and capacity of its staff through collaborations and partnerships with various organizations. The CMD is also responsible for accrediting management training institutions and consultants in Nigeria, ensuring quality and ethical practices within the industry.

The Centre for Management Development (CMD), under the leadership and tactful guidance of Dr. Kabir Kabo Usman has gone beyond its core statutory mandates by infusing noble ideas in every area of its operation. With the aggressive but visionary approach adopted by him, the Centre's grip is now firmly on ground to galvanise and sustain its leadership role in the research and manpower development sector in Nigeria, apart from being a reference point in the art of policy formulation and capacity building.

Dr Kabir who hails from Kabo Local Government Area of Kano State has been instrumental in driving the Centre's objectives forward. His extensive educational qualifications, including a Ph.D. and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Manchester University, United Kingdom, have equipped him with the knowledge and skills to lead the CMD effectively.

During an exclusive interview with the Economic Confidential Magazine, Dr. Usman shared the remarkable achievement of the CMD in saving N300 billion annually through a reduction in overseas training. The CMD conducted a thorough staff skills audit, which revealed capacity gaps and skill shortages within the organization. Consequently, the CMD collaborated with various agencies and sent over one hundred staff members for overseas training to address these gaps successfully.

Dr. Usman emphasized the importance of maintaining a local content agenda, as it not only reduces costs but also stimulates job creation and enhances the economy. The CMD, in collaboration with the Office of the Head of Service in Nigeria, has issued a circular stating that civil servants can only attend overseas training if the training cannot be acquired within the country. By implementing this policy, the savings amount to N300 billion annually.

Furthermore, Dr. Usman highlighted the role of the CMD in accrediting management consultants and institutions in Nigeria. All management consultants operating within the country are required to obtain accreditation from the CMD; otherwise, they are considered to be operating illegally. The CMD works closely with international standards organizations to ensure training programs meet high-quality standards.

Dr. Usman also mentioned the CMD's partnerships with various government agencies and international organizations, including the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies and the African Capacity Building Foundation. These strategic collaborations have not only enhanced the quality of training provided in Nigeria but have also extended the reach of the CMD's programs to states and local governments.

The CMD is committed to its role in capacity building and professional development within the public sector. The organization is determined to enforce accreditation requirements and impose appropriate sanctions on unauthorized management consultants. Dr. Usman assured that the CMD will continue to work diligently to support the local content agenda and provide essential training programs to key government agencies.

With Dr. Kabir K. Usman at the helm, the Centre for Management Development is on a path of excellence, contributing to the development and transformation of Nigeria's workforce.

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