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Thu, Aug 31, 2023 3:15 PM

AFAN Members Boycott Reality TV Show, Citing Food Inflation in Nigeria

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AFAN Members Boycott Reality TV Show, Citing Food Inflation in Nigeria
The All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) has announced its decision to boycott a reality TV show sponsored by Agrivest in Abuja. The group has clarified that serious farmers in Nigeria do not have time for such events due to the country's current food inflation crisis. AFAN believes that the show's launch is self-serving and fraudulent, while the organizer, Faruk Mudi, lacks the authority to represent the association. This move by AFAN shows their focus on addressing the pressing issues in Nigeria's agriculture sector.

ABUJA - The Arc.Kabir Ibrahim led All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), says that any serious farmer in Nigeria will have no time for a reality TV show in the nation's capital sponsored by Agrivest and recently held in Abuja.

The group made clarification earlier in the week to explain why its members chose to boycott the show.

A statement issued by Alhaji Salisu Mukhtar, Assistant National Public Relations Officer of AFAN, explained Nigeria is currently grappling with unprecedented food inflation and that real farmers are busy on their farms.

Mukhtar noted that the proposed launch of Agrivest Reality TV Challenge Show "by one Faruk Mudi who parades himself as AFAN President without authority is reductive, fraudulent, and self-serving."

According to the statement, "The call for the Nigerian public to attend the launch of Agrivest Reality TV Challenge Show in Abuja at this time (August) when Nigeria is grappling with unprecedented food inflation and the Tinubu Administration has declared a state of emergency on food security is laughable and smacks of ignorance of Nigeria's agriculture.

"The motivation to promote this misadventure is clearly pecuniary and relevance-seeking by an opportunist operating under the guise of promoting agriculture.

"The same person, in violation of AFAN's constitution took it to the People's Democratic Party (PDP) knowing full well that its constitution defines it as non-political, non-religious, and non-governmental.

"The newly appointed Ministers of Agriculture and the FCT who were advertised to be Guests of Honour and Chief Host respectively at the occasion should beware of the misadventure as it is at cross-purposes with the current situation in Nigeria's food system."

The decision by AFAN to boycott the Agrivest Reality TV Challenge Show reflects the association's commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing Nigeria's agriculture sector.

Nigeria has been experiencing a severe food inflation crisis, with the cost of staple foods skyrocketing. This crisis has had a detrimental impact on the livelihoods of farmers and consumers alike.

By refusing to participate in the reality TV show, AFAN members are demonstrating their dedication to tackling the challenges of food production and security in the country.

The association believes that the launch of the show, which is organized by an individual without the authority to represent AFAN, is merely an attempt to profit and gain personal relevance.

AFAN's boycott sends a strong message to the agricultural community and the general public that the focus should be on finding solutions to the food inflation crisis rather than indulging in events that have no tangible impact on the sector.

While the organizers may have hoped to generate interest and support for agriculture through the show, AFAN emphasizes that the timing is completely inappropriate given the current state of the nation's food system.

The association urges relevant stakeholders, including the recently appointed Ministers of Agriculture and the FCT, to be cautious about associating themselves with such misadventures.

It is crucial for the government and agricultural bodies to work together to tackle the root causes of food inflation and implement measures that will foster sustainable agricultural practices in Nigeria.

This requires a comprehensive approach that involves investing in irrigation systems, providing farmers with access to modern farming techniques and equipment, and supporting research and development in the agricultural sector.

AFAN's boycott highlights the need for a unified and focused effort to address the challenges facing farmers in Nigeria. The association remains committed to advocating for the interests of real farmers and implementing strategies that will ensure food security and economic stability in the country.

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