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News Summary of July 1, 2023 in Nigeria

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News Summary of July 1, 2023 in Nigeria
Latest news summary in Nigeria

Firm, Dermatologists Partner To Mark World Skin Health Day In Lagos - The Street Journal

The firm and dermatologists are teaming up to commemorate World Skin Health Day in Lagos. The event aims to raise awareness about skin health and provide free dermatological consultations and treatments to the public.

WARDC, GIZ Partner To Empower 100 Women Through The Inspire, Empower, Reintegrate Project - The Street Journal

The WARDC and GIZ organizations are joining forces to empower 100 women through the Inspire, Empower, Reintegrate project. The project aims to provide training, resources, and support to help women reintegrate into society and achieve economic independence.

Makinde appoints DG for Operation Burst, 11 other aides - The Street Journal

Governor Makinde has appointed a new Director-General for Operation Burst and 11 other aides. This move is aimed at strengthening security and governance in the state.

KW-IRS: 18 schools to compete for 2023 tax club grand finale - The Street Journal

Eighteen schools will compete in the 2023 tax club grand finale organized by KW-IRS. The competition aims to promote tax awareness and education among students.

Arewa24 Boosts Awareness On Mental Health At Breakfast Shows - The Street Journal

Arewa24 is increasing awareness about mental health through its breakfast shows. The shows aim to educate viewers about mental health issues and reduce the stigma surrounding them.

An Evening At Ike Anya's Reading Of His Medical Memoir - The Street Journal

Ike Anya held an evening reading of his medical memoir. The event provided insights into his experiences as a doctor and explored important healthcare issues.

Oborevwori Congratulates Obaseki At 66 - The Street Journal

Oborevwori congratulates Obaseki on his 66th birthday. The Speaker commended Obaseki for his leadership and contributions to the development of the state.

President Tinubu Joins Muslim Faithful for Jumat Prayer in Lagos - The Street Journal

President Tinubu participated in Jumat prayer with Muslim faithful in Lagos. This marks his commitment to religious harmony and inclusivity.

Oborevwori Felicitates Ex-Military Gov Of Old S'Eastern State, Gen Paul Omu At 83 - The Street Journal

Oborevwori felicitates Gen Paul Omu on his 83rd birthday. The Speaker praised Omu for his selfless service and dedication to the nation.

Omega Power Ministries Founder Chibuzor Chinyere Collapses at Airport, Hospitalised - The Trent

The founder of Omega Power Ministries, Chibuzor Chinyere, collapsed at the airport and is currently hospitalized. The incident has raised concerns about his health.

BNXN, Samo Agbero, Beauty, Named 9mobile Brand Ambassadors - The Street Journal

BNXN, Samo Agbero, and Beauty have been named as brand ambassadors for 9mobile. This partnership aims to promote the brand and engage with a wider audience.

Nigeria Stock Market At Highest Level In 15 Years, Gain 18.9% In The First Half - The Street Journal

The Nigeria stock market has reached its highest level in 15 years, with a gain of 18.9% in the first half of the year. This reflects positive investor sentiment and economic growth.

Suspense Over Planned Electricity Tariff Hike - The Street Journal

There is suspense over the planned electricity tariff hike. The proposed increase in electricity tariffs has sparked debates and concerns among consumers.

2023 Pilgrimage: Turaki Adini Of Oyo, Adanla Hails Makinde's Deputy, Ladoja, Sunmonu, Others Over Benevolence In Saudi - The Street Journal

Turaki Adini of Oyo, Adanla, has praised Makinde's deputy, Ladoja, Sunmonu, and others for their generosity during the 2023 pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Their acts of benevolence have been widely appreciated.

U.S-Based Nigerian, Wakama, Is New D'Tigress Coach - The Street Journal

Wakama, a U.S-based Nigerian, has been appointed as the new coach of D'Tigress. This move aims to strengthen the national women's basketball team ahead of future tournaments.

Officers Who Ran Vehicle Over Handcuffed Man Now In Custody - Police - The Street Journal

Police have taken officers into custody who ran a vehicle over a hand-cuffed man. The incident has raised questions about police brutality and the need for accountability.

Nasarawa LP seeks peaceful resolution of Assembly crisis

The Nasarawa Liberal Party is advocating for peaceful resolution of the Assembly crisis. The LP believes that dialogue and compromise are vital in resolving the political impasse.

In Him Management Collaborates With Eta, Forze On Music, Visuals, Others

In Him Management is collaborating with Eta and Forze on music, visuals, and other projects. This partnership aims to create innovative and engaging content for audiences.

Shettima Seeks North West Leaders' Support For Tinubu Administration - The Street Journal

Shettima is seeking the support of North West leaders for the Tinubu administration. The leaders are urged to collaborate and contribute to the success of the administration.

Details of meeting of president Tinubu, Embalo of Guinea Bissau revealed

Details of the meeting between President Tinubu and the Embalo of Guinea Bissau have been revealed. The leaders discussed bilateral relations and cooperation between their countries.

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