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Ondo State Acting Governor Urges Public to Ignore Health Rumors about Governor Akeredolu

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Ondo State Acting Governor Urges Public to Ignore Health Rumors about Governor Akeredolu
Ondo State Acting Governor, Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, has called on the public to disregard rumors regarding the health status of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu. Aiyedatiwa emphasized that the governor is recuperating in a hospital abroad and urged the public to avoid being misled by faceless writers spreading lies. He assured the general public that Governor Akeredolu is in high spirits and will be back to continue his service to the state as soon as he is medically cleared.

Ondo State Acting Governor, Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, has dismissed false information concerning the health status of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu. Aiyedatiwa made this clear while speaking in Akure, the state capital, and expressed his concern over some media reports disseminated by anonymous individuals who, according to him, aim to sow discord in the state.

He reiterated that he maintains constant communication with Governor Akeredolu, who is currently recuperating in a foreign hospital. Aiyedatiwa assured the public that the governor appreciates their prayers and good wishes, and that he is in good health, convalescing comfortably, and expected to return to his duties once medically certified by his doctors.

"The governor appreciates your prayers and good wishes for himself and the state, across the board. He is in high spirits, recuperating, and being expected back in office to continue with his laudable service to the state, as soon as he is certified medically fit by his doctors," Aiyedatiwa affirmed.

The Acting Governor also expressed his determination to not let detractors divert the current administration's focus and developmental policies.

Aiyedatiwa assured the public that he is in regular contact with Governor Akeredolu, and their most recent conversation was on Sunday when the governor conveyed his gratitude to him and other members of the State Executive Council for holding the fort in his absence.

The Acting Governor emphasized the need for unity and stated that he would not allow faceless writers to undermine the progress and goals of the government. He urged the public to disregard the rumors and focus on supporting the administration's efforts in advancing the state's development.

It is vital for the public to differentiate between reliable sources and those with hidden agendas. Faceless writers aim to create confusion, instill doubt, and sow seeds of disunity. It is incumbent upon citizens to remain discerning and not succumb to propagation of unsubstantiated reports.

Governor Akeredolu's temporary absence should not give way to misinformation. It is reassuring to know that the Acting Governor is in constant communication with the governor, ensuring continuity and seamless governance.

As the Acting Governor diligently oversees affairs, it is crucial for the general public to lend their support and maintain trust in the administration. Let us focus on progress and contribute positively to the trajectory of Ondo State.

The people of Ondo State must remain united, ensuring that falsehoods do not impede the state's advancement. Let us stand together, disregard the rumors, and await the Governor's return. The progress and development of the state must remain the focal point, with a determination to overcome any attempt to derail it.

At this time, it is more important than ever to rally behind the administration and show unwavering support for Governor Akeredolu's recovery and eventual return to office.

Ondo State is resilient, and together, we shall forge ahead, leaving behind the distractions and disunity fostered by baseless rumors.

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