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Mon, Sep 4, 2023 11:00 PM

FRSC Urges Drivers to Respect Speed Limits to Prevent Road Accidents

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FRSC Urges Drivers to Respect Speed Limits to Prevent Road Accidents
The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has called on drivers to adhere to the stipulated speed limits on all roads in order to prevent road accidents. This warning comes in the wake of a fatal crash that occurred on the Obajana-Lokoja expressway in Kogi State. The accident, caused by speed violation, resulted in 12 fatalities and 6 injuries. In this article, we explore the importance of respecting speed limits and the role of drivers in ensuring road safety.

ABUJA - The Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps, Dauda Ali Biu has called on fleet and other commercial vehicle operators, as well as private vehicle owners, to avoid driving against the stipulated speed limit on all roads.

Bisi Kazeem, the Assistant Corps Marshal,
Corps Public Education Officer, in a statement, said the call became necessary in order to eradicate all incidences of mishaps resulting from speed violations on our roads.

According to the Corps' Spokesman, the caution came following a fatal crash that occurred at line three, Obajana cement factory, on the Obajana-Lokoja expressway, in Kogi State on 3 September 2023 at 2230HRS.

"The dual crash involved a Toyota Hiace Bus with registration number MKA515ZD and a Sono Truck.

"A total of 18 people were involved, all male adult. Out of this number, 06 people got injured, while 12 people were killed.

"The main cause of the crash have been identified to be speed violation, which resulted to loss of control" reads the statement in parts.

The FRSC's call for drivers to respect the stipulated speed limits on all roads serves as a crucial reminder of the role individual drivers play in preventing road accidents. Speeding remains a major cause of fatal crashes, and reducing the speed at which vehicles travel can significantly decrease the likelihood of accidents and their severity.

Adhering to speed limits ensures that drivers are able to maintain control of their vehicles and react appropriately to unexpected situations on the road. It allows for safer stopping distances and reduces the risk of collisions, especially in areas with heavy traffic or hazardous road conditions.

Furthermore, respecting speed limits promotes smoother traffic flow, reduces road rage, and enhances overall road safety for all users. It is a collective responsibility to follow the rules and regulations set by traffic authorities to protect oneself and others on the road.

Commercial vehicle operators, in particular, have a greater responsibility due to the number of passengers they transport and the potential impact of their actions. Fleet managers and drivers must prioritize safety over time efficiency and ensure that their vehicles adhere to speed limits at all times.

Private vehicle owners are also urged to be mindful of their speed and set a good example for others on the road. Exceeding speed limits not only puts the driver and passengers at risk but also endangers pedestrians and other road users.

The FRSC's message underscores the need for continuous public education and awareness campaigns to reinforce the importance of obeying speed limits. Drivers should be regularly reminded of the risks associated with speeding and the potential consequences of their actions.

Technology can also play a vital role in enforcing speed limits and ensuring compliance. The use of speed monitoring devices, such as speed cameras and intelligent speed assistance systems, can help deter drivers from exceeding speed limits and provide an additional layer of safety.

Ultimately, preventing road accidents requires the collective effort of drivers, vehicle operators, regulatory bodies, and the general public. Respecting speed limits is a fundamental step towards creating safer roads and minimizing the loss of lives and property due to preventable accidents.

It is crucial that drivers internalize the importance of adhering to speed limits and commit to being responsible road users. Only through collective action and individual responsibility can we create a culture of safety on our roads.

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