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Sun, Jul 30, 2023 11:00 AM

AAC Condemns Lagos State Government over Leaked Memo on #ENDSARS Mass Burial

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AAC Condemns Lagos State Government over Leaked Memo on #ENDSARS Mass Burial
The African Action Congress (AAC) has criticized the Lagos State government for a leaked memo revealing plans to bury victims of the #ENDSARS protests. The party calls for accountability and justice for the victims, demanding the release of all detainees and the implementation of the Justice Doris Okwuobi panel's recommendations.

The African Action Congress (AAC) has taken the Lagos State government to task over a leaked memo that disclosed the alleged plan to bury multiple victims of the #ENDSARS protests. The party, through its spokesperson, Osatohamhen Ebhohon, condemned the actions of the Lagos State government and its accomplices in the brutal #ENDSARS Lekki massacre.

The leaked memo, authenticated by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Olusegun Ogboye, has brought to light the gross human rights violations and state-sponsored violence that occurred during the #ENDSARS protests. It exposes the Lagos State government's involvement in commissioning a private firm, Messrs Tos Funeral Ltd, to bury 103 bodies of the victims. The cost of this mass burial amounted to N61,285,000.

These revelations raise serious questions about the government's accountability for the killings and its efforts to suppress the truth from the public. The AAC insists that those responsible for the atrocities, including ex-President Buhari, Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, General Omata of the Nigerian Army, and CSP Raji of Maroko police station, should face the full wrath of the law.

The AAC is deeply concerned and disappointed by the attempt to cover up the #ENDSARS massacre. Despite the Justice Doris Okwuobi panel's damning report that found the Lagos State government culpable, the government continues to deny its involvement and manipulate the narrative. The evidence presented during the panel's proceedings implicates the Lagos State government in these heinous acts, with confessions from top military officials and testimonies from key witnesses.

The AAC demands justice for all the victims of the #ENDSARS protests and the immediate release of all detainees. The Justice Doris Okwuobi panel recommended compensation for the victims and the unconditional release of all #ENDSARS detainees. The AAC calls on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to adhere to these recommendations and take decisive action in ensuring justice is served.

The failure of the government to do so will undoubtedly provoke mass resistance from the people, who will not tolerate the mockery of the victims and the continued denial of their rights. The AAC stands with the people of Lagos and Nigeria in demanding accountability, justice, and an end to state-sponsored violence. It urges everyone to join the call for action until justice is served.

List of 34 #ENDSARS protesters reportedly still in detention:

  1. Ogidi Joseph
  2. Marcus Joseph
  3. Joseph Oyebowale
  4. Muyiwa Onikoyi
  5. Taiwo Fagbemi
  6. Jamiu Sani
  7. Segun Adeniji
  8. Ibrahim Adesanya
  9. Daniel Joyibo
  10. Dare Williams
  11. Sunday Okoro
  12. Adigun Sodiq
  13. Yusuf Rafiu
  14. Shehu Anas
  15. Yakubu Olayiwola
  16. Ismail Muftao
  17. Bethel Chukwuocha
  18. Onuora Odih
  19. Jeremiah Lucky
  20. Gideon Ikwujoma
  21. Haruna Adekunjo
  22. Irinyemi Oluwanbe
  23. Joshua Adeleke
  24. Kabiru Ajetunmobi
  25. Moses Ofoke
  26. Quadri Azeez
  27. Idris Lawal
  28. Charles Godstine Adele
  29. Akeem Azeez
  30. Sodiq Riliwan
  31. Olamide Lekan
  32. Olumide Fatai
  33. Oluwole Yisa

The AAC urges the immediate release of these detainees and reiterates its commitment to seeking justice for all victims of the #ENDSARS protests.

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