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Wed, Sep 13, 2023 8:15 PM

Nigerian Artist's Work Finds Its Way to Space aboard China's Tiangong Space Station

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Nigerian Artist's Work Finds Its Way to Space aboard China's Tiangong Space Station
Prosper Dania, a young Nigerian artist, has gotten one step closer to realizing his childhood dream of exploring space. His artwork titled "Shared Aspiration" has been selected amongst other African youth paintings to be exhibited on China's Tiangong space station by the Shenzhou-16 taikonauts. This achievement is a result of his top prize win in the "My Dream" Painting Competition, co-hosted by the Secretariat of the Chinese Follow-up Committee of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the China Manned Space Engineering Office, and the Chinese missions in Africa. Dania's art showcases a Sino-African collaboration symbolized by a space-bound taikonaut surrounded by the Chinese and Nigerian national flags, and stars.

ABUJA, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) -- Prosper Dania, a young Nigerian artist, has captured the attention of space enthusiasts around the world with his awe-inspiring artwork. Dania's painting, titled "Shared Aspiration," has been chosen to be exhibited at China's Tiangong space station as part of a mission by the Shenzhou-16 taikonauts.

His journey towards this incredible achievement began when Dania entered the "My Dream" Painting Competition, which aimed to foster cultural exchange and people-to-people cooperation between China and Africa. Out of over 2,000 entries, the young artist's mesmerizing piece emerged as one of the top prize winners, depicting a space-bound taikonaut encompassed within a circle formed by the Chinese and Nigerian national flags and a backdrop of stars.

"Shared Aspiration" embodies the collaborative spirit between China and Africa, highlighting the dreams and aspirations shared by people from both nations. As Dania explains, "It is every child's dream to go to space. And with the aid of cartoons and the rest, we see how space is being revealed."

Dania, a self-taught artist, has faced numerous challenges on his artistic journey, including limited resources and inadequate facilities. However, his unwavering determination and resilience pushed him to transform his living space into an inspirational sanctuary.

"I think drawing is like telling a story," Dania says. "Art is a way of bringing complex reality to life. Sometimes, there are just some things that are so impossible to bring out to life, but with the help of just a cheap pencil, you can achieve that dream."

The artist's tenacity was recognized by the Chinese Embassy in Abuja, where he won a mobile phone during a painting competition while still in high school. In 2021, his exceptional talent was further acknowledged as he claimed a well-deserved laptop for winning a COVID-19 themed art contest.

Armed with this laptop, Dania expanded his creative horizons and effortlessly produced more projects for a wider audience, emphasizing the transformative impact of the Chinese government's support. He immerses himself in his art, striving to tell stories that others can relate to and find inspiration in.

Dania's captivating "Shared Aspiration" showcases the ingenuity and artistic prowess that can arise out of challenging circumstances. His work resonates with countless individuals striving for a brighter future and stands as a visual representation of the unyielding spirit.

The collaboration between China and Nigeria has opened up new opportunities for young artists like Dania. Their shared commitment to progress and development has paved the way for dreams to become a reality.

With his artwork bound for space, Dania's childhood dream of exploring the cosmos may be closer than ever before. As he eagerly awaits the voyage of "Shared Aspiration," he cherishes the profound impact this achievement has had on his life and hopes for more life-changing initiatives in the future.

As Dania concludes, "Art tells stories. So, even if I were to go to space to tell a story to others, and my work is already there, telling my story, I am there already."

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