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Sun, Sep 10, 2023 7:40 PM

Governor Obaseki Congratulates Esama of Benin Kingdom on 89th Birthday Anniversary

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Governor Obaseki Congratulates Esama of Benin Kingdom on 89th Birthday Anniversary
Governor Godwin Obaseki sends heartfelt felicitations to the revered Esama of Benin Kingdom, Sir Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, on his 89th birthday. The governor praises the Esama's immense contributions to Edo State and Nigeria, noting his successes in various sectors and his unwavering dedication to philanthropy. Obaseki describes the Esama as a true father of the people, a titan of industries, and a relentless pace setter who has opened limitless opportunities for the people of Edo State.

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has sent warmest congratulations and felicitations to the Esama of Benin Kingdom, Sir (Chief) Dr. Osawaru Gabriel Igbinedion, as he celebrates his 89th birthday anniversary. The governor's statement commends the Esama for his outstanding contributions to various sectors of the nation's economy and praises his legacy, which has become an inspiration for generations to come.

In his message, Governor Obaseki expresses heartfelt gratitude and joins the House of Igbinedion in celebrating the iconic figure who has played a significant role in the development of Edo State. He refers to the Esama as a father of the people, both in Edo State and across Nigeria.

Describing the Esama of Benin as a titan of industries, Governor Obaseki highlights the remarkable impact he has made in several sectors, including education, aviation, media broadcasting, banking, healthcare, hospitality, transport, manufacturing, crude oil exploration, and shipping. These accomplishments are a testament to the Esama's rare acumen, exceptional capacity, and relentless determination to succeed.

The governor applauds the Esama's unwavering dedication to philanthropy, noting that he has touched countless lives through his compassion and generosity. He acknowledges the Esama's role in providing hope, opportunities, and empowerment to those in need, emphasizing the true essence of a compassionate and generous leader.

As the Esama of Benin celebrates his 89th birthday, Governor Obaseki recognizes his immense contributions to the development of Edo State, Nigeria, and the African continent at large. The Esama's legacies have become shining examples for future leaders to follow.

"On behalf of the government and good people of Edo State, I pray that God grants you joy and fulfillment in your celebration and the many more years ahead with continued health and vigor," concludes Governor Obaseki.

Indeed, the celebration of the Esama of Benin's 89th birthday is a time to reflect on his remarkable journey and the indelible footprints he has left in the sands of time. From humble beginnings to becoming an influential figure, the Esama's life story is one of resilience, determination, and triumph.

For Edo State, the Esama's contributions cannot be overstated. He has been a catalyst for growth and development, driving progress across various sectors. His visionary leadership has paved the way for others to follow, creating new frontiers and opening doors of opportunity for the people of Edo State.

Education has been one of the core pillars of the Esama's legacy. Through his philanthropic efforts, many young minds have been equipped with knowledge and skills, empowering them to become agents of change in their communities. The impact of his educational initiatives will continue to be felt for generations to come.

Aviation, banking, and media broadcasting are among the sectors that have benefited from the Esama's visionary leadership. His investments in these areas have not only created job opportunities but also enhanced the socioeconomic landscape of Edo State and Nigeria as a whole.

In the healthcare sector, the Esama has made significant contributions, ensuring that quality medical services are accessible to the people. His efforts have improved the well-being of countless individuals and families, providing them with a chance for a healthier and brighter future.

The Esama's influence extends beyond the confines of Edo State, as his contributions to crude oil exploration and shipping have had a significant impact on the nation's economy. His ventures have created avenues for economic growth and positioned Nigeria as a key player in the global energy sector.

Throughout his journey, the Esama of Benin has shown an unwavering commitment to philanthropy. His selfless acts of kindness have touched the lives of many, making a difference in their time of need. From providing scholarships to supporting entrepreneurship initiatives, the Esama has been at the forefront of empowering individuals and communities.

As the Esama celebrates his 89th birthday, it is a moment to honor his achievements, vision, and unwavering commitment to the betterment of society. His legacy will forever be etched in the hearts of the people of Edo State and Nigeria, serving as a reminder of what is possible when passion, determination, and compassion converge.

On this auspicious occasion, let us join Governor Godwin Obaseki in celebrating the Esama of Benin Kingdom, Sir (Chief) Dr. Osawaru Gabriel Igbinedion, and wishing him continued health, joy, and fulfillment as he embarks on the next chapter of his extraordinary journey.

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