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Sun, Sep 10, 2023 7:30 AM

Enugu State Sees Remarkable Progress in First 100 Days of Governor Mbah's Administration

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Enugu State Sees Remarkable Progress in First 100 Days of Governor Mbah's Administration
Enugu State has witnessed significant progress in the first 100 days of Governor Peter Mbah's administration. The ambitious promises made during the campaign are being fulfilled with notable achievements in various sectors including the economy, infrastructure, security, water supply, electricity, education, healthcare, and agriculture. This article highlights the transformative initiatives undertaken by the administration and the positive impact they are bringing to the state.

Enugu State, under the leadership of Governor Peter Mbah, is witnessing a remarkable transformation within the first 100 days of his administration. The ambitious promises made during the campaign are being translated into tangible progress and development across various sectors. From the economy to infrastructure, security to social services, Enugu State is experiencing positive changes that are impacting the lives of its residents.

One of the key focuses of the administration has been on expanding the state's economy. Governor Mbah aims to increase the state's GDP sevenfold from $4.4 billion to $30 billion, positioning Enugu State as one of the top three economies in Nigeria. To achieve this, the administration is promoting private sector-led growth and innovation, shifting away from reliance on federal allocations. This approach has seen the launch of the Enugu State Investment and Economic Growth Stakeholders Roundtable, attracting investors, development bankers, and international development agencies.

The infrastructure development in Enugu State is receiving significant attention. The construction and reconstruction of 71 roads across the metropolis and major roads in different parts of the state will improve connectivity and enhance commerce. Flyovers and road dualization projects are also in the pipeline, along with plans to build a new Enugu City as a housing and investment hub. The revitalization of streetlights, traffic lights, and waste disposal systems has already brought a fresh and organized atmosphere to Enugu city.

In line with prioritizing security, Governor Mbah took decisive action against the illegal sit-at-home order, a major hindrance to peace and economic growth. The ban on the sit-at-home policy, coupled with proactive measures in tackling criminal activities, has resulted in a significant reduction in attacks and enhanced public safety. The introduction of the Distress Response Squad (DRS) equipped with advanced technology will enable swift response to distress calls and improve overall security.

Water scarcity, a long-standing challenge in Enugu State, is being addressed with urgency. The administration has increased water production from 2 million to 25 million litres per day and aims to reach 70 million litres per day, ensuring 24-hour water supply to residents by November. This achievement is a testament to the commitment of the administration in improving the quality of life for its citizens.

Recognizing the importance of power in driving industrialization and economic growth, Enugu State has developed the Enugu State Electricity Policy and domesticated the Electricity Act 2023. These steps will attract investors and improve power generation and distribution within the state.

The education and healthcare sectors have not been left untouched. The construction of model basic schools in all 260 wards will revolutionize basic education by providing quality education and early exposure to ICT. Primary healthcare centers in remote areas are also being overhauled to ensure basic healthcare access for all.

Enugu State is embracing agriculture and agro-industrialization as a crucial component of its economic growth plan. Programs such as the Cassava to Ethanol initiative and the establishment of the Agricultural Land Bank aim to empower farmers, increase productivity, and create agricultural value chains.

By focusing on grassroots development, Governor Mbah's administration is strengthening partnership with local government areas in capital development projects. This approach will boost rural economies and escalate development at the grassroots level.

The achievements in the first 100 days of Governor Mbah's administration showcase the commitment, vision, and dedication to transform Enugu State into a thriving economic and social hub. With progress evident in various sectors, Enugu State is on track to becoming a model state in Nigeria.

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