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Sun, Sep 3, 2023 4:40 PM

Violent Attacks in Nigeria Leave Seven Worshippers Dead

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Violent Attacks in Nigeria Leave Seven Worshippers Dead
Seven worshippers, including a local self-defense group leader, were killed in two mosque attacks in the northern part of Nigeria's troubled Kaduna state. Criminal gangs opened fire on worshippers in the town of Sa'ya-Sa'ya and a neighboring village, leaving six dead and three wounded in the first attack, and one dead and three injured in the second attack. The attackers also escaped with four motorcycles. Kaduna state has been plagued by violent attacks from criminal gangs, which often target mosques and churches.

In a tragic incident, seven worshippers, including a local self-defense group leader, were killed in two separate attacks on mosques in the northern part of Nigeria's Kaduna state. The targeted areas, Sa'ya-Sa'ya and a neighboring village, were left in shock and mourning as criminal gangs unleashed violent attacks on innocent worshippers.

The first attack took place in the town of Sa'ya-Sa'ya on Friday evening. Around ten members of a criminal gang stormed a mosque and opened fire, claiming the lives of six worshippers. Mansur Hassan, the spokesperson for Kaduna state police, stated in a press release that an additional three individuals were injured in this horrific incident.

The assailants then moved on to another mosque in a nearby village, where they killed one person and injured three others. Prior to fleeing the scene, the criminals made off with four motorcycles. The targeted village had already been grappling with violence as tensions escalated, evident by the presence of a local self-defense group leader amongst those killed.

Abdulrahman Yusuf, one of the survivors of the attack in Sa'ya-Sa'ya, shared his account, saying, "We believe he was the main target of the attack, and the bandits followed him to the mosque."

Kaduna state, located in central and northwestern Nigeria, has frequently faced deadly attacks from criminal gangs. These gangs target towns, loot homes, set buildings ablaze, kidnap individuals for ransom, and attack houses of worship. They also frequently kidnap worshippers to extort ransoms or take revenge on members of local self-defense groups who have fought against them.

Authorities in Kaduna state have expressed growing concern about the increasing collaboration between criminal gangs and jihadist groups that have been at odds with the state for the past 15 years. These groups seek to gain control over the north-eastern part of Nigeria.

The Nigerian government continues to grapple with the challenges posed by violent criminal activities, and this recent attack highlights the urgent need to address the ongoing instability in Kaduna state. The safety and security of citizens should remain a top priority, and decisive action must be taken to prevent further loss of innocent lives.

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