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Sat, Sep 2, 2023 11:05 PM

Nigeria Learning Passport Registers 500,000 Users, A Milestone Achievement

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Nigeria Learning Passport Registers 500,000 Users, A Milestone Achievement
The Nigeria Learning Passport (NLP), a digital platform launched to enhance learning in primary and secondary schools, has reached a significant milestone by registering 500,000 users across 18 states. Created in collaboration with UNICEF Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Education, and powered by Microsoft, the NLP offers diverse educational pathways for students, teachers, parents, and caregivers. With its interactive simulations and comprehensive courses, the NLP equips the younger generation with essential skills for the future. The platform also focuses on professional development for teachers and inclusive learning experiences for all. Through public-private partnerships, the NLP aims to bridge the digital learning divide and ensure every child in Nigeria has access to quality education.

The Nigeria Learning Passport (NLP) has achieved a considerable milestone in its mission to revolutionize education in Nigeria. With 500,000 registered users across 18 states, this digital platform has made impressive progress since its launch in February last year.

Developed in collaboration with UNICEF Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Education (FME), and powered by Microsoft, the NLP was designed to address the learning crisis prevalent in the country. The platform provides tailored educational pathways for students, teachers, parents, and caregivers.

UNICEF Chief of Education, Saadhna Panday, expressed her confidence in achieving the target of 1.5 million users by 2024, highlighting the significance of reaching half a million registered users. She praised the impact of the NLP in ensuring learning opportunities for children across Nigeria, regardless of their circumstances.

Nigeria's investment in the NLP reflects the nation's commitment to embracing digital learning as the future of education. By equipping young individuals with skills in fields such as computer and agricultural science, the NLP empowers them to thrive in the digital economy and seize future opportunities.

One of the platform's subscribers, 14-year-old Bolade Avomide from Government Senior College Agege, Lagos, lauded the NLP for its availability and coverage of various subjects. Providing access to courses in biology, mathematics, and even entrepreneurial and secretarial studies, the NLP ensures students can excel academically both in and out of the classroom.

The NLP not only benefits students but also supports teachers in their professional development. The platform offers valuable resources for educators to provide dynamic and interactive learning experiences. Furthermore, parents and caregivers can utilize the NLP to support their child's learning journey from an early age through playful learning courses.

UNICEF Representative in Nigeria, Ms Cristian Munduate, emphasized the inclusive nature of the NLP, which features over 15,000 curriculum-aligned resources available in English, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Users can track their progress and achievements through the platform's personal learning record, fostering a sense of growth and accomplishment.

Infrastructure and connectivity issues can pose hurdles to digital learning. To bridge this divide, UNICEF and partners are investing in necessary resources like data, smart devices, and internet access. Airtel Africa's support allows the NLP to be accessible at no cost on all Airtel devices, while IHS ensures schools have internet connectivity.

Through these vital public-private partnerships, the Nigeria Learning Passport aims to ensure every child and young individual in Nigeria can access quality education. Breaking barriers and embracing digital innovation, the NLP paves the way for a brighter future that is inclusive and equitable.

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