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Sun, Aug 13, 2023 4:50 PM

Prophet Abel Boma Predicts Victory for President Tinubu in Court

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Prophet Abel Boma Predicts Victory for President Tinubu in Court
Prophet Abel Boma, a Port Harcourt-based pastor, has declared that President Bola Tinubu will emerge victorious in court due to divine backing. He emphasizes the assistance and positive impact Tinubu has made on people's lives. Boma believes that even though there may be protests against the incumbent president, God's favor will prevail. This prediction aligns with similar prophecies made by other pastors.

Port Harcourt, River state - Port Harcourt-based pastor, Prophet Abel Boma has said President Bola Tinubu will emerge victorious in court, as he has the backing of God. According to Boma, God's favor is on Tinubu due to the assistance he has rendered to several people in the past.

Despite the bitterness towards the incumbent Nigerian leader, Prophet Boma firmly believes that it won't take away the mantle of leadership from Tinubu. In a video posted on his official YouTube page, he confidently stated:

"The Lord said in the place of court, I will give him (Tinubu) victory.And when the court issues its final verdict, your protest will erupt to say 'no', everybody will say no to him, but I (God) am beginning to say yes.He has made people who they are without announcement, and he has touched lives without announcement. He has laid a sacrifice that you have never laid as a Christian and as a born-again."

This declaration aligns with a piece of related news reported by, stating that Prophet Boma predicts President Tinubu will win at the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) if the citizen condemnations continue. The prophet asserts that despite the challenges and attacks, Tinubu will complete his term in office.

Another pastor, Prophet Chibuzo Nkemakolam, the founder of the Throne of Power Ministry, also foresees President Tinubu leading Nigeria until 2031, as God allegedly revealed this prophecy to him two months ago. Nkemakolam firmly believes that Tinubu will neither be impeached nor die in office.

The predictions about President Tinubu's victory and long stay in power have sparked interest and skepticism among Nigerians. While some view these prophecies as a sign of hope and affirmation of Tinubu's leadership capabilities, others question their credibility and consider them subjective interpretations of political situations.

It is important to note that prophecies do not have a definitive impact on the outcome of court cases or political events. They reflect the personal beliefs and interpretations of the pastors making the predictions.

As Nigerians wait for the verdict of the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC), time will reveal whether the predictions made by these pastors come to fruition. Until then, citizens will continue to engage in discussions and debates about the future of Nigerian leadership.

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